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   Chapter 393 Darling I Love You

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"What happened to your shirt?" asked Lola. A large part of Daniel's shirt was wet, which was particularly conspicuous.

"Look at what your grandson has done!" complained Daniel. Annoyed, he walked into the dressing room and changed into a clean shirt.

Lola and Janet were discussing about his son's name when he came out. "Have you both agreed on anything yet?" asked Lola.

"Daniel wants to call him Jeremy, " answered Janet.

"Jeremy is one of my favorite songs by Pearl Jam. It's a good name, and I love it!" Lola clapped her hands.

Jeremy, Daniel and Janet's son.

"By the way, I have already found a post-natal recovery guru for you. She also trains Nicole and Sally. I'll invite them home tomorrow, so you can all have a session together, " said Lola.

Janet nodded.

"Now, let me cuddle Jeremy, " said Lola. The little guy was full now. His eyes were wide open, looking around the room.

Janet tidied up her clothes and carried her son to Lola.

"Have a rest first. Harry is in the study. I'll take Jeremy to him, " said Lola. That was why Lola had come here. Her husband already missed his grandson.

After Lola left the room, only the couple remained. Daniel softly asked Janet, "Rest well. Okay?"

"No, I'm not sleepy, but I'm hungry." The more her son ate, the faster she got hungry.

Daniel took out his cell phone and called the chef downstairs, "Send some food to my wife."

In the afternoon, while Janet and Jeremy slept soundly, Daniel quietly left the room and drove out of the mansion's neighborhood.

He found a flower shop on the way, bought a bunch of chrysanthemums, and went to a cemetery in the suburbs.

After finding Melody's tombstone, he put the fresh chrysanthemums in front of it. "Sorry, Great-grandma. I wasn't here when you passed away, " said Daniel sadly.

Take care of yourself up there, and don't worry about us. I'll take good care of Janet and the children. Please bless the four of them with happy and healthy lives…"

Melody was smiling in the photo on the tombstone. It seemed like she was appreciating her good great-grandson-in-law.

When Jeremy was a month old, Daniel took him and Janet to the

l wronged. Daniel treats me badly…" said Lola.

Janet looked at Lola who was full of grief and said, "Mom, don't be sad. Let's just ignore him."

"Okay! Jane is so nice to me!" said Lola with satisfaction.

On that day, Janet didn't talk to Daniel.

"…" Daniel was also speechless at how she treated him.

In the evening

As soon as Lola and Harry left, Daniel pinned Janet against the sofa. "Since you don't want to talk with me, let's do some sports together, " said Daniel shamelessly.

"… Again? Daniel, didn't we have enough last night?" asked Janet helplessly.

This man was extremely horny!

"Yes, we did. But I want to try some new things..."

"No! Go next door, and pick up your son!" The next door was Mansion No. 8.

Ella took care of Jeremy today. She wanted to send Jeremy back, but Felix wanted to play with his younger brother, so they kept on playing until now.

"I'll pick him up tonight, " said Daniel. Daniel was tempted by her fragrance, so he couldn't stop now.

"No… Uh... uh… Ah, be gentle…"

The ambiguous sound echoed throughout the mansion.

After a while, Daniel kissed Janet and said, "Darling, I love you!"

"Go away! One should never believe what a man says in bed, " said Janet.

"We are on the sofa. Darling, I love you!" said Daniel.


"Darling, I love you. Now, it's your turn!"

"… Darling, I love you too!"

"Come. Kiss me!"

"Ah! No! Daniel, you are such a beast!"

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