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   Chapter 391 I Need to Let You Know

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6175

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As he pressed her on the bed, he lowered his head and kissed her on her red lips to express how much he loved and missed her.

Daniel Si then lay on the bed and cuddled Janet Shao in his arms. Then, he told Janet who listened quietly what had become of Alex Gong.

As Janet's due date was fast approaching, his uneasiness increased. Daniel had first broken into Alex's house and took him and his companions.

After a fierce battle, Alex and his grandson had been caught by Daniel.

They injected excessive doses of drugs into their body. When the drugs had taken effect, Daniel lashed them violently with a whip sprinkled with pepper.

Daniel made them suffer until they were slowly passing out. Then, he called in the best doctors to keep them conscious and went on torturing them.

Sabina and Hobson had been raped by several men, which made the both of them want to die. Sabina's face and body were full of deep scratches and wounds after being locked up with two wild dogs.

Hobson had been taken to the place where Alex was caught. Then, their veins were sliced, as per Sven's instruction, just enough for them to suffer, but not die.

They then had been tied to trees to be used as shooting targets. Daniel asked for some amateur shooters to practice their shooting on them.

Hobson had his arm cut off because of this.

After putting them under all kinds of suffering for what they did to Janet, Daniel turned them in to the police.

The police quickly closed the case. Today, a written judgement was issued. Hobson and Alex were sentenced to immediate death penalty.

Under Daniel's torture, Alex had almost died, so the police closed the case in a rush.

If they didn't implement the execution immediately, Alex would soon die and Daniel would be responsible for his death. Daniel would never allow that to happen.


Seeing her get closer, Eva panicked and asked, "What are you doing?"

Janet grinned and said, "Keep dreaming. Go on. Try. I will show you what kind of person my husband is."

Daniel's steady footsteps from the corridor reached the room. Janet stood in front of Eva, slumped to one side on purpose, and cried, "Ah!"

Eva unconsciously raised her hand and tried to help, but Janet fell to the ground before she caught her.

Daniel came in and saw the scene. His beloved woman was on the ground, and the woman beside her had her hand up.

In Daniel's eyes, Eva was bullying Janet.

Dropping the drink on the desk near the entrance, Daniel dashed toward Janet, lifted her, and asked with concerned eyes, "Jane, where did you get hurt?"

Janet put her hands around his neck, shook her head, and said gently, " Honey, I'm fine. I refused her proposal to be your mistress, so she pushed me to the ground and tried to kill me..."

Eva looked at Daniel in panic and said, "Mr. Si, I didn't do anything."

Janet sighed and smirked at how marvelous she could pretend to be innocent.

Daniel became furious and kicked Eva's wheelchair. Her wheelchair rolled back and hit the wall, which made her fall to the floor.

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