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   Chapter 390 It's a Boy

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7362

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In the delivery room, Janet's water broke, and an experienced female doctor was delivering her baby.

Daniel turned around to stop Sven from coming in and yelled, "Get out!"

Sven protested, "But I'm a doctor..."

"We already have a doctor here. Get out!" Daniel insisted.

Helpless, Sven took off his mask and left the delivery room.

While she saw Daniel coming in, Janet couldn't bear the pain and screamed loudly, "Ah!!! It hurts!"

Hearing her, Daniel yelled at the doctor, "Be gentle!"

The doctor was so frightened that her hands trembled.

How could he blame her? Janet's pain was not her fault.

Janet gripped his palm, shook her head, and said, "No, it's not her... Ah... It hurts!"

Janet had prepared herself mentally for this day. If Daniel wasn't there, she was determined to be strong and to give birth to the baby in silence.

But now that he was back, all of Janet's strength vanished. She simply wanted to scream out loud with all the pain she was experiencing...

Daniel put his wrist on her lips and said, "Jane, open your mouth and bite me."

Janet was in so much pain that she didn't refuse. She bit him hard on his wrist, trying to bear the pain of giving birth.

When she had tasted blood, Janet suddenly loosened her bite.

Daniel pulled up his other arm's sleeve and asked her to bite it, but Janet refused. She said, "No... Ah! It's not necessary... The baby will be out soon."

But, in fact, the pain grew stronger.

The doctor told Janet, "Mrs. Si, please push harder. I can see the baby's head coming out."


Janet was so exhausted. She felt that she had already used up all her energy, but only the baby's head was out.

She remembered that it wasn't this slow when she gave birth to the twins...

The doctor's words triggered Daniel's curiosity. Without loosening his grip on Janet's hand, he moved a few steps. His heart trembled when he saw the baby coming out.

Janet followed the nurse's guidance and kept breathing in and out evenly.

A couple of minutes later, the baby finally was born.

The look on Daniel's face was almost the same as that of Jerry's when he had witnessed Sally's delivery.

This serious man was n

on the bedside. He gripped Janet's hand and put it on his lips.

The room became quiet. Staring at Janet, Daniel's heart swelled with love and pity.

He blamed himself that he hadn't chosen a better time to carry out his plans. He wasn't by her side when she was pregnant.

And during her pregnancy, she had also suffered grief from losing her great-grandmother. He wondered how she had gone through all these difficulties while he was gone.

And now, the pain of giving birth to their baby... Daniel felt bad. She had suffered a lot for his sake.

A few moments later, Janet slowly opened her eyes. Deep in her consciousness, she knew that Daniel had come back and was keeping her company, so she didn't want to sleep any longer.

When she opened her eyes, Janet saw the man staring at her affectionately.

She sat up on the bed and threw herself into his arms, saying, "Darling!"

Daniel's heart trembled. He hugged her tightly, as if he wanted to merge her body with his.

"I missed you so much, so so much! Why didn't you make a single call to me? Why didn't you come back to see me?"

Burying her face in his arms, Janet confronted him in a muffled voice. She had missed him so much!

There were thousands of words in Daniel's mind, but in the end he could only say, "I'm sorry!"

Janet shook her head. She knew that Daniel had done nothing wrong, but on the contrary, he had risked his life to fight Alex Gong in Z Country for her sake...

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