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   Chapter 389 His Smile

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6514

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People began to gossip about how Daniel used to be unfaithful to his wife.

Nicole Si gave birth three days after the funeral.

The baby girl they were expecting turned out to be an 8.5-pound baby boy, which took everyone by surprise.

Sven took a long drag on a cigarette and made up his mind. He was determined to have a daughter!


Janet arrived at the hospital together with Lola. When Janet saw the swaddled baby boy, she flashed a smile that she hadn't in a long time.

Nicole comforted Jane as she held her hands, trying to make her trust Daniel.

Janet nodded. She wanted to trust him.

But the next day, she saw a picture that destroyed her trust. In the photo, she saw a girl walking out of where Daniel lived.

She was calm and collected when she saw that. But for a moment, she couldn't help but be filled with rage. Why hadn't he called her?

He had no idea how much pain she was in now. Her great-grandmother had just passed away, and he was out of reach.

If it hadn't been for her family and her baby, she would have definitely had a nervous breakdown!

After six months of pregnancy, Janet received a small object from Harry. She thought for a while before she could figure out what it was.

It was a jade buddha. She got this special jade a couple of years ago in a temple in Africa when she went there to visit Bill.

Back then, she told Daniel to give it to Ivanka if she really got pregnant. She wished her and her son well.

She also told him to give it to her later if Ivanka wasn't pregnant.

Now, Daniel really gave it to her.

"Dad, did he give you this?" She asked, looking at the jade Buddha. Her nose twitched.

Harry shook his head. "No. Brian called me. He said it was Daniel's idea." So Harry went to fetch it from Mansion No. 9.

"I see..." All her hopes shattered all of a sudden.

She waited for him to come back... Spring passed, and summer came... Then, autumn arrived.

into the car, while Lola sat in front. The car then rushed to the hospital.

Janet clung to Daniel with her head in his arms, moaning slightly now and then.

"Janet, does it hurt?!" asked Daniel.

Lola finished talking to Sven over the phone. "Of course, it hurts, you fool!" she answered for Janet. "Giving birth is the most painful thing in the world!"

He rolled up his sleeves and put one arm in front of her mouth. "Janet, bite me!"

Janet shook her head. 'He's back! He is really back...'

She wanted to bite herself to see whether it was a dream or not, So she opened her mouth and tried to bite her arm. But Daniel didn't let her.

Then, suddenly, her red lips were covered by Daniel's. She was unwilling to let go, so she wrapped her arms around his neck.

The voices from the back of the car suddenly disappeared. Lola was about to check out what had happened... But something dawned on her, so she just smiled and didn't turn around.

The passionate kiss lasted a long time. He didn't stop kissing her until they had reached the hospital.

He then put her on the operating table Sven had prepared. After a bit of quarreling, Sven compromised. Sven brought him to a room, where he could change into sterile clothes. Then, Sven agreed to let him go into the labor room.

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