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   Chapter 388 Great-Grandma is Blessed

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6662

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Roma helped Janet get off the car as they arrived at the old house. There were already several cars parked in front of the gate. Puzzled, Janet accidentally caught a glimpse of Sven's car as she walked into the old house.

Was there a party today? Why was Sven here?

Jerry was smoking in front of the door. Janet looked at Sally in surprise. His brother was rarely seen smoking.

He would only have a cigarette or two when he was frustrated or depressed about something.

It seemed like Jerry and Sally had a fight.

Sally's red teary eyes met those of Jerry's. He put out the cigarette, came over to the living room, and placed his arm around his wife who held his sister's hand.

There was no one else in the living room but them. "Where's Dad?" Janet asked.

Jerry looked at his sister, "Upstairs, Jane..."

He bit his lip before he said anything else. Janet looked at his brother in wonder, "Bro, what is it with you and Sally? Why did you make her cry? Apologize to her."

Jerry was smart enough to know what she meant. Janet misunderstood the situation. She thought that Sally's eyes were red because the two of them fought.

Jerry took them upstairs, without saying a word. An atmosphere of gloom surrounded the whole second floor.

Then... she heard sobs.

Janet grew increasingly anxious. Who else was crying?

She was afraid to ask Jerry who it was.

As they approached Melody's room, Janet could feel her hands shaking because the one who was crying seemed to be... her mom.

The three of them stood by Melody's room's door. Inside were many people.

Ella and Samuel, Viola and Vincent, Sven, and a middle-aged man that Janet had never seen before were there.

Melody was in her bed, her eyes closed.

Viola and Ella were crying, while everyone else wore a melancholic look. Janet tried her best to stop herself from trembling. She moved closer to the bed and uttered, "Grandpa, Grandma... Mom, Dad... Sven... Is Great-grandma sick?"

Melody's eyes

he funeral, with the help of Samuel and Jerry.

The absent-minded Janet was accompanied by Sally. Felix was under the care of Ella. The twins and Lola stayed in Leroy Manor.

After the seventh day following the death, a gathering was held in the old house. A lot of people came.

Samuel thought it over and allowed an online news platform to break the news of Melody's passing.

Anyone with a high social standing in C Country came. There were even those who flew from abroad.

There were also some who were there to simply pay respects and show support, despite them not personally knowing Melody.

Melody's students came, too.

She had been a teacher her whole life, making an impact in numerous students' lives.

A myriad of students were there to see off their well-respected teacher...

Janet knelt on a soft cushion prepared by Ella. She took no notice of people who paid their condolences. She only bothered about burning the paper money.

Some would approach her to try to comfort her, but Janet would either shake her head or simply nod.

After the funeral, people started talking. Everyone who was related to the Shaos was there, except Daniel, the great-grandson-in-law.

Lola and Harry greeted and received guests the whole day, but they couldn't answer to the fact that Daniel was not there.

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