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   Chapter 387 My Brother is Unfortunate in Some Ways

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8299

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The only way for Alex Gong to regain the Tianye Men leadership was to murder Dillon Qiao and Caspar Qiao.

Daniel frowned, and wondered, 'Should we really go and visit Dillon?'

Then, after a second thought, he decided to visit him, so that he could return to his wife as soon as possible.

He promised Brian to do that, and said, "Okay."

On that night, Janet couldn't sleep well. At about two o'clock in the morning, she suddenly woke up, and sat up in her bed.

Scanning the spacious bedroom, Janet felt very uneasy. She felt frightened, and her heart kept beating fast, without any particular reason to do so.

She then turned on all the lights in the bedroom to make it brighter.

She put on a coat, walked to the balcony, and looked at the sea in the dark. A horrifying feeling arose in her heart.

'Daniel... Where are you? I miss you so much... Can you hear my cry?' she thought.

She went back to the bedroom and tried to dial Daniel's number again, but it was powered off.

Janet rolled to and fro in bed, and when it was about four o'clock, she knocked on Lola's bedroom door.

Harry opened it, and saw Janet standing outside, with a worried look on her face. He asked her, "Jane, what's wrong? Haven't you gone to sleep yet?"

Janet felt a little embarrassed to speak out her demand. She said, "Father, I'm sorry to wake you up, but I want to sleep with my children. Is that okay?"

"Were you awake for the whole night?" asked Harry.

"I, I felt kind of afraid..." Embarrassed again, Janet lowered her head. She felt awkward to be afraid to sleep alone at her age.

But Harry understood her, and said, "Come in, please!"

Janet followed him inside the bedroom. Lola was still sound asleep, and Janet carefully carried Michelle in her arms. Harry also carried Melissa, and silently brought her to Janet's bedroom.

"Thank you, father!" After putting down the child, Harry went back towards the door.

He waved at Janet, and turned off the brightest headlamp, and said, "Don't keep the bright light on while you sleep. It's not good for your eyes. Sleep tight now!"

"Okay, thank you, " said Janet.

The door was then closed behind him, and as she looked at her two sleeping daughters, Janet felt more relieved.

She lay down next to her daughters in bed, and looked at the other empty side. She really missed Daniel...

When morning came, Harry told Lola all about what had happened earlier. Lola meditated for a moment, and then calle

l Jane about it before you two safely arrive at the old house first!"

With her eyes filling up with tears, Sally looked at Janet, who was wearing a curious look on her face. Her tears went over the brim of her eyelashes, and then poured down on her cheeks.

Seeing her cry, Janet was anxious, and asked, "Sally, what's wrong? What happened?

Who's on the phone?"

It took Sally a couple of moments to come back to her senses, and Jerry kept reminding Sally not to tell Janet about the news!

She then hastily hung up, and said, "It was your brother..."

She sobbed again.

Janet cautiously asked, "What's the matter with my brother? Did you quarrel with him again?" She passed her a tissue, and asked her to wipe off her tears.

Sally shook her head, but then she remembered Jerry's instruction, and instead nodded to her, and said, "Yes, yes, that's it, we were quarreling..."

Janet doubted Sally's unusual weird behavior. Sally hadn't mentioned a word about her quarrels with Jerry last night when they had slept together in bed.

She gave up on her doubts, and while holding Sally's shoulder, she promised, "Don't cry, but please tell me why the two of you are quarreling? I'll teach Jerry a lesson for you if you want!"

Sally shook her head, and said, "No, Jane. I don't want to talk about it right now... Let's talk about it when we arrive at the old house!"

"Okay! But stop crying! My heart breaks when I see you cry!" Then, Janet placed her hands on her chest, to show her where it hurt.

Sally tried to smile at her, but it was difficult. Eventually, she managed to grin, but it looked even sadder than her crying did.

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