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   Chapter 386 We are in Love

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7840

Updated: 2018-09-21 18:33

'Besides, I'll ask him to tell me what happened during this period in more detail.'

Janet retweeted the news from the reporter, with the captions, "Infatuation? Acting? You're wrong, and I can confidently tell you that we are in love!"

She then logged out of Weibo. 'I only hope that Daniel will not embarrass me later, ' she thought.

When she arrived home, she opened her Weibo again, and found out that her post had been overwhelmed with comments.

The top comment had come from a Weibo user called Bilbo. It read, "Mrs. Si, I had followed you since before you married Mr. Si. It was four years ago that you were first shown on camera, and at that time, fear and confusion could've been easily found in your eyes. But now, you are confident in yourself, and stronger. I don't think that you're lying. Best wishes to you and Mr. Si!"

The second comment was from a Weibo user who was called Doug. It read, "Mrs. Si is bossy! Formidable! I have faith in your love."

The third was from Greg, and it said, "You can tell how strong Mr. Si's love is to Mrs. Si from their wedding ceremony. What the hell are those impolite paparazzi talking about?"


Almost all the popular comments were on Janet's side.

Of course, some critic also existed. For example, a comment read, "Daniel is an unfaithful husband. It's lame of him to indulge in dissipation without going home when his wife is pregnant..."

Before Janet had stood up for Daniel, his female fans had already posted their comments and attacked those who started to speak ill of Daniel.

Later, Sally also posted on Weibo, "Nobody can judge the pure and unshaken love between my brother and my sister-in-law." 'Their privacy shouldn't be exposed to the public like that. The reporters are the only ones to blame, ' thought Sally to herself.

Although Sally had not been the first one to comment, her comment had been pushed to the first five trending, because she was Daniel's sister.

Her comment was replied to by thousands of people. For example, a Weibo user called RoyBatty replied to her, "Support Mr. Si' sister! If reporters have the time to gossip, they should give more reports on those who are in need."

A Weibo user called Regis replied, "We witnessed their love at their unparalleled wedding ceremony on TV. These are just petty tricks coming from the

At that moment, Daniel became extremely upset.

Daniel stood up from his chair, and went outside, and said, "I have to go back to C Country."

Brian immediately stopped him, and said, "If you go back now, Alex will find a chance to take his revenge on you once he finds out all about it."

Once he found out that Daniel was in Z Country with his people, Alex wouldn't just stand by and wait for his death to come.

If Daniel left Z Country, he would be giving Alex the best opportunity to retaliate.

They had now alerted the enemy, because Daniel had been exposed by the reporters.

Daniel clenched his fists and the muscles on his arms tensed, exposing his vigorous veins. 'Alex, I'm gonna make you pay for all you've done!' thought Daniel.

He then sat back on the sofa, and restored calm.

A young man with yellow hair came to them. His name was Steve Yi, one of the main forces behind the operation to bring down Alex.

"Perhaps we can go to the Tianye Men, and visit Dillon Qiao, " he said.

He was holding a piece of paper in his hand, with the conflicts between Dillon and Alex written on it. After reading it, Daniel understood why Alex had sent Janet to kill Dillon and Caspar.

In fact, Alex's real family name was Qiao, and he was Dillon's cousin. He had eventually been abandoned by the Qiao family, losing the right to take over the Tianye Men.

They had turned against each other because of other subsequent causes. For a long time, Alex had made great efforts to kill Dillon, and to finally find his place in the Tianye Men.

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