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   Chapter 385 He was Seen to be Buried in Flames

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7708

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Melody had lived there with Samuel for a long time. When she found out that Vincent Shao and Viola Yang were going to sleep upstairs, she said, "I'll come back tomorrow."

Because the door was open, Jerry heard the whole thing, and while he walked out of his room with his drowsy son in his arms, he asked, "Great-grandmother, why did you suddenly decide to go home?"

With a smile on her face, Melody told him, "I've lived here for months. I think it's time for me to go back to the old house."

"Okay, mom, I'll see you to your room first, " said Vincent. He then accompanied her to her room.

As Vincent was preparing some water for Melody, Janet knocked on the door and came in. When she saw Vincent carrying the bath water, she thought of the story when Daniel had washed Melody's feet.

"Grandpa, please let me wash great-grandma's feet, " she said.

Melody immediately waved her hand, and said, "No, you're pregnant now. Take a seat next to me instead."

Vincent said, "Mother is right, Jane. Leave it all to me for now."

"I can do it, grandpa! How about I sit on the chair and wash her feet from there?" said Janet. Janet got the stool that Melody usually sat on, and then placed it in front of her.

With Janet, they had to come to a compromise.

After Janet washed her feet, Vincent didn't leave the room until he poured the water away.

After tucking her inside the thin blanket, Janet sat down near the bed, and said to her, "Great-grandma, get yourself warm."

"I know, child. You're still pregnant, so please return to your room and have a rest now. You should take good care of yourself when Daniel isn't around you." Melody took Janet by her hand, and gently pushed her away.

Janet nodded a yes, and said, "I will, great-grandma. Good night!"

"Go to sleep now!" she said.

Janet walked out of the room, and returned back to hers.

Because she was pregnant, Lola asked the twins to sleep with her and Harry instead, to let her sleep better at night.

Looking at the empty room, Janet patted her waist because of a slight soreness, and then took out her phone. After hesitating for a while, she finally decided to call Daniel.

She was worried about him because he hadn't contacted her for a long time.

However, his phone was dead.

Janet grieved, and he

ipated lifestyle'? According to the law, that's called defamation.

How dare you slander him? Aren't you dreading his revenge?" It was a live broadcast, and a man in a hotel lobby in Z Country was watching it, lost in thought.

'My little girl finally grew up. Now she knows how to threaten people with the law and my status.'

He heard quick footsteps behind him, and after they reached him, he heard, "He's heading there now. Hurry, we have to follow him!"

Daniel cast a last glance at Janet, and then ran towards the emergency exit.

'My plan was to succeed, but at this critical point, I was photographed by a paparazzi. Now Alex Gong knows that I'm still alive.

And all my efforts may have been in vain...

I need to alter my appearance, ' he thought.

Eventually, Janet dispersed the reporters with some help from her bodyguards.

After the Bugatti left, reporters gave their new accounts of the recent events, and said, "This is a live broadcast. Mrs. Si has just left, and perhaps what she said was due to infatuation or mere acting. The truth will have to wait to be clarified by Daniel Si himself."

Janet watched the news on TV, and coldly laughed at the foolish reporters. 'Clarify? It's ridiculous! Now I need to help Daniel get rid of the tiresome media instead of finding out the truth. Are there no movie stars in C Country? Why do they always have to focus on Daniel? Oh, I get it! Because he's a pubic figure. I'll help him this time, but he'll have to pay me back when he returns, ' thought Janet.

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