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   Chapter 383 Bad News from America

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7401

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Daniel Si shook his head, and told Janet, "Jane, money won't work this time. I have to go solve this problem personally."

"Okay!" Janet understood that Daniel was, after all, the President of the company, and that sometimes he had to deal with the business personally. "When are you supposed to leave?"

"The day after tomorrow."

Janet was surprised, and said, "The day after tomorrow? So soon?"

"Yes, but please stay at home while I'm gone. When I'm not here, you can either live in the manor or stay with our parents." Daniel didn't want Janet to stay alone when he wasn't around her.

Janet knew that the parents Daniel was talking about were Ella and Samuel. She nodded, and answered him, "When I miss you, I'll stay in the manor, and when I don't, I'll live together with my parents!"

Daniel frowned, and warned her, "How dare you not miss me?"

Janet pouted, and said, "It all depends on you. If you make me angry, then I won't miss you! But if you don't, then I'll miss you every day while you are gone." It all depended on Daniel.

Daniel pinched her nose lovingly, and said, "Little naughty girl!"

"I'll never be a lady!" Janet never said that she would.

"Yes, you'll never be a lady, but at least you'll always be my little fairy!" Daniel then suddenly pulled Janet to him, and pinned her on the bed underneath him.

Janet rejected him, and tried to push him away, and said, "You're always saying that I'm your fairy, but I've never charmed you!"

"You've charmed me without having to do anything. You know what would happen if you ever tried to charm me..." After saying this, Daniel brought his lips closer to Janet's.

"Wow, you're such a rascal!" she said.

"Yes, I am; and the rascal wants a kiss. Honey, kiss me!"

Janet laughed, and asked, "Daniel, why are you so brazen all the time?"

Daniel kissed her red lips, and replied, "If I'm not brazen, then how can I kiss you?"

After saying this, Daniel didn't give Janet any chance to argue with him any longer. He had to do something about having their third child, their son!

Time quickly flew by, and the time for Daniel to leave soon came. Janet looked at him, and said, "Take care of yourself." In order to

o take a bath."

"Okay then, call me tomorrow."

"Yes, I promise."

After Daniel's assured her that he would, Janet hung up first.

The following day, Janet moved to Leroy Manor, because in her mansion there was no trace of Daniel.

At the Leroy Manor, Janet felt safe only inside Daniel's bedroom.

During the first week of his absence, Daniel had called Janet every day. But in the following weeks, Daniel stopped calling her that often, and Janet didn't know what was wrong. She didn't want to bother him either, and instead refrained from calling him too often.

In the middle of March, a bad news arrived from America. It said that Daniel's mansion had been bombed, and that he couldn't escape...

It was Sally who had hastily driven to Janet's manor and told her of the horrible news.

At that time, Janet was cooking eggs for the twins, but when she heard of the news, her face went pale in an instant, and her heart sunk. The pot fell from her hand to the floor, but fortunately it had only cold water in it, and nobody was hurt.

The water splashed all over the ground, and the eggs shattered.

Janet was in a mess, and her ears were ringing severely from the shock. She couldn't hear a thing.

Janet looked at Sally, who was restlessly walking up and down. She could see Sally's lips move, but she couldn't hear a word.

Later, after Harry received a call from Brian, he went downstairs and found that Janet was lying on the floor, fainted.

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