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   Chapter 382 Male Friend is Similar to Boyfriend

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8620

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They went to mansion No. 8 during the day, and in the evening, Daniel, Janet and their daughters stayed at the Leroy Manor to keep Lola and Harry company.

The New Year's Day was coming. This was the first time Janet celebrated the New Year with the Si family, instead of with her own parents at home.

Daniel understood her feelings, and decided to get off work earlier than he usually did, and keep her company.

Lola gave red packets to her two granddaughters, but saved the biggest one for Janet.

She gave it to her, and because it was the New Year, Janet didn't refuse, and instead thanked Lola and took the red packet from her hand.

In the evening, Janet snuggled up in Daniel's arms, while quietly admiring the night scenery outside the window.

There were a couple of stars twinkling in the sky, and Janet whispered into Daniel's ear, "My New Year's resolution is to give birth to one more baby for you."

Daniel suddenly wrapped his hands around her waist, and pressed her against the chair. "Mine to, so let's get started on it right now!"


Daniel also hoped that they could have a son who could protect Janet and the twins when he wasn't by their side.

After the first month of the lunar year, Daniel became more and more busy with his work.

Janet also got busy, and as the new year began, her shop opened for business and received a lot of orders.

It was still very cold in February, and Daniel sent Janet back to the villa as usual.

Her two daughters had been taken to Leroy Manor, and the villa had suddenly became a lot more quiet. Janet missed her children very much.

And Daniel also looked a little different. He... looked as if he were a little depressed.

After they entered the villa, they immediately felt the warm air. Daniel changed his shoes and helped Janet to take off her coat and handed it to the servant.

After getting married, he had his wife and children to take care of. It would be a good idea to hire a couple of more servants for the villa.

Daniel had personally selected, and hired several experienced servants from the household service company.

After the servant left, Janet put her arms around Daniel's waist, and said, "Honey, you seem to be distracted. What's bothering you?"

Daniel slightly smiled at her, and nodded, "I have to go on a business trip."

'On a business trip?' Janet thought that this was perfectly normal for a CEO like him to do. But she had never seen him look... so depressed like that even though he had been on a business trip for a month before.

He was just unh

, and said, "I don't want you to leave me alone for so much time! Won't you miss me, and the children?"

Daniel smiled and touched her face with his large palm, and said, "I will absolutely miss you!"

"You're all annoying! Bill left last month, and now you're going as well! Humph!" said Janet. Janet had seen Bill off on his way last month. He said that he wanted to do business with Daniel in the future, and to further his studies he chose to go to a college of economics and management.

Daniel raised her chin and made her look him in the eyes. He asked her, "Is Bill as important as I am in your heart?"

After she heard him, she thought that if she dared to say yes, he would severely punished her, and instead said, "No! A husband is different from a male friend!"

"Male friend is similar to boyfriend. Don't call him 'male friend' again!"

"..." That wasn't the key point! "Honey, you can hand the company's affairs over to others. After all, we already have a lot of money now, more than we'll ever need; you don't have to earn more..." Janet's father had given her six cases filled with cash. She was still keeping them in the study's safe, because she hadn't had the chance to spend a cent out of them.

Daniel had successfully concealed his true motives from Janet!

She was madly in love with Daniel and lived happily every day, and she almost forgot about the matter concerning Alex.

Janet thought that Daniel was really going to deal with his business.

This was what Daniel had expected her to believe, after he finished talking to her. He hoped that Janet would eventually get rid of her nightmares, and if possible, she would never remember any unpleasant experience ever again.

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