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   Chapter 381 Colin's First Step to Play with Fire Began

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6776

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Janet Shao had been there twice, but both times were at night, so she didn't notice the City of Rose in front of the sea of flowers.

"I see, " she said. She finally realized that all she wanted in her life was Daniel Si.

At this moment, she felt that he was her whole world.

"We own the whole 25th floor of the City of Rose, " the man said. It was the perfect spot to appreciate the garden and enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

Hearing the number 25, Janet raised her head and asked, "Why was your former phone password 0525?"

Janet found it after she returned from the Dongcui Mountain.

Daniel smiled and said, "It is the date I picked you up at the airport."

'From that day on, my life had been entangled in his..." she thought.

"I see..." said she. Overwhelmed by happiness, Janet said, "You should remember it."

"Is there anything else you want to say?" Daniel asked. 'Was she into me at that time?' He wondered.

Janet said with a smile on her face, "My sweetheart, I love you!"

'That's better.' He thought to himself. Daniel lowered his head, kissed the woman on her red lips, and said, "I love you, too, my sweetheart!"

He suddenly lifted her up, and then put her on the desk.

Knowing what he intended to do, Janet turned red and objected, "Daniel, you should learn to control yourself."

"What about you?" He asked.

"I didn't do anything, " she responded. 'I didn't fling myself upon you.' She thought to herself.

Daniel touched her forehead and said, "Stop seducing me."

Janet said nothing. 'I'm innocent!' She thought to herself.

It was early in the morning when they came back to the room. Daniel put her on the bed near their eldest daughter.

After taking a shower, he lay beside the younger daughter, and they both fell asleep soon.

One can feel the love exude from Mansion No. 9. At this moment, Colin was on a call with Harry Si in Z Country. He couldn't believe his ears and asked, "Are you serious, Uncle? Can you repeat that?"

Harry arranged the files

with fire began. "My wife, " he replied.


Before the New Year, Janet and Daniel had fun traveling around C Country for a week. Then, they flew to their first stop abroad - Dubai.

Although they kept a low profile, they were still photographed by reporters. Their photos were widely spread online.

A woman, in an old fishing boat, stared at photos on her phone with hatred.

On the photo, Daniel was smiling as he held his wife in his arms.

The woman on the photo bloomed after marrying the man she loved.

'Why do I have to hide in this stinky fishing boat while they show off their affection everywhere?' The woman thought to herself.

She had sent people to ruin their wedding ceremony, but they were stopped by the bodyguards before entering.

'Will I live in this small fishing boat forever?

No, I won't.

Without Janet, perhaps Daniel and I would have gotten together again.

I would have been Daniel's bride on that unparalleled wedding ceremony.

I would have gone on a honeymoon with Daniel.' She thought to herself.

The woman cried hysterically, pulled her long hair violently, and was in great pain. "Why?" she cried.

'I have to contact Hobson and ask him and the Black Moon for help.' She thought to herself.

Janet and Daniel returned from Milan on December 23rd after their honeymoon was over.

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