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   Chapter 380 It is a Wedding Gift from Me to You

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8086

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Daniel fondly gazed at her and laughed softly, "Nevertheless, you are exquisitely beautiful, and... quite seductive!"

Janet blushed at his words. She looked away and refused to admit that she was seducing him!

Daniel leaned down and sealed her lips with a passionate kiss. He didn't have much patience left. He cradled her against his broad chest and held her close. As he swiftly kicked the door open, he put her down, pressed her against the door, and closed the door behind her.

The sweet kiss soon turned into a wild, burning, and passionate one.

Her red cape dropped to the floor. Janet lay back in the bed and closed her eyes. Her lips pressed together as his warm breath steamed her neck.

Daniel was genuinely turned on by his petite wife. As he was about to pass his hand though her hair, she caught his hand and breathed heavily, "Don't! Our parents will be back anytime soon."

His hoarse voice whispered behind her ear, "They are not coming back."

"No. It is still... daytime now... How about in the evening..."

She was turning breathless. She tried to push his hand away before he burned her with lust. However, Daniel had been wanting her since morning. He was not going to stop now.

"My darling, you really underestimate your own charm!" With these words, he lowered her to the bed with a grin.

The night had fallen. The castle remained silent. Only some muffled sounds could be heard coming from the bedroom.

Lola considerately brought the twins to Mansion No. 9 and left whole Leroy Manor to the newlyweds.

The hot, wild sex lasted until eight in the evening. Janet was almost passed out.

She lay back in the bed with her eyes closed. She was exhausted.

Daniel showered and had his wife cleaned up as well. Then, he walked out of the bedroom, found the chef, and asked him to cook dinner.

He cuddled her on the bed for a while. Not long after, someone knocked on the door. Daniel went to pick up the tray the chef delivered to him and gently put it on the bed for Janet.

"Honey, eat something before you fall asleep!" It was unhealthy to skip meals. Daniel valued her health very much!

However, Janet didn't even bother to reply to him. Her breath was gentle and steady.

"Honey." His wet kiss softly landed on her ruby lips.

She was still not moving. Daniel grinned as he lifted up the sheet and touched her warm body with his naughty hand. Two minutes l

the study.

Janet sat behind the desk, with a document in her hand. Her mouth was wide open; she was shivering uncontrollably.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Daniel quickly looked around and even checked outside the window. Everything seemed normal.

However, Janet's shriek reminded him that he should put Alex on his agenda soon.

Janet ran toward him and shoved the document in front of his eyes, "Hubby, the City of Rose..."

The City of Rose was owned by... her!

Daniel felt relieved as he realized that she was screaming because of this. He fondly gazed at her and said, "Yes. It is a wedding gift from me to you."

"But how did you find out about my dream hotel... Did Bill tell you about it?" She still couldn't figure out how coincidental things were back then...

Janet's eyes were wet with tears of joy.

Daniel nodded, "Yes."

Bill told him a lot about her, including her least favorite vegetable being carrot and cabbage, least favorite fruit being pineapple, least favorite exercise being jogging....

It was Bill all along!

Janet embraced him warmly and sobbed, "Hubby..." Her voice shook.

He built the hotel just for her. It was not a demonstration of wealth, but an act of love.

Daniel smiled as he softly stroked her hair. He breathed behind her ear and said, "Remember when you asked me where the sea of roses was? It is in the garden right behind City of Rose."

City of Rose took up an area of over ten thousand square meters. Its rose garden was looked after by professional gardeners. Only Janet was allowed to enter the garden to pick up the roses of her choice.

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