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   Chapter 379 Could That Girl Be the Poker Face's Girlfriend

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"..." Selina was speechless. Then, she took a deep breath and unwillingly sat down next to Levi.

As Angela returned to her seat, she looked up and found a tall girl sitting next to Arvin. Their heads leaned close as they talked about something.

A strange thought occurred to Angela. Could that girl be the poker face's girlfriend?

Finally, lunch was served. Angela shook her head, put her phone away, and tried to concentrate on the delicious food.

Janet had changed into a slim fit scarlet dress. She and Daniel, with glasses in their hands, made rounds to greet guests.

The room temperature in the venue was warm. The bridesmaids all took of their capes as they felt warmer due to the effect of alcohol.

Two waiters dressed in uniform black suits followed the newlyweds. They each had a tray in their white-gloved hands. On the trays were one bottle of white wine and one bottle of red wine.

Janet walked toward the bridesmaids' table and winked at Angela, "Angela, you might be the next one to get married!"

Angela waved her hands in front of her face and said, "No. That's impossible! I haven't graduated, yet! I am not in a hurry at all. After the graduation, I want to see the world and have fun. I might get married after I am 30 years old."

"30 years old? Wow, Angela, you really are not in a hurry! Do you have a boyfriend now? Would you like me to introduce some nice fellows to you?" Janet fondly teased Angela.

Angela's face turned red. She bit her lower lip and murmured, "No. I'm okay!" She wasn't up to meet any sort of man.

The man sitting at the table not far from them overheard their conversation. He smirked and couldn't help but think how daft Angela was!

Janet offered a toast to her bridesmaids. Then, she moved with Daniel to the next table.

Angela had a sip of red wine. Her sight was getting blurred.

The newlyweds were having a toast with Arvin right now. Daniel opened his mouth and said, "Thank you, Dr. Gu, for attending our wedding. We really appreciate your presence!"

Arvin politely replied, "Boss Si, it is my honour to represent the Gu family here today. What a beautiful wedding!"

The two men chatted for a bit and drank wine together. Daniel smiled and said, "Please make yourself at home, Dr. Gu. If you need anything, just let me know!"

Janet also smiled at Arvin as she slightly toasted

as a gift?

Daniel suddenly chimed in. He took the car keys from Spark's hand and cradled Janet in his arms. Then, he said to Spark, "Call the chairman of the board and tell him to take care of the company for me for a couple of days. I will be busy!"

Spark scratched his head and asked, "Boss Si, what will you be busy with outside of the office?"

Daniel swirled around and spit out two words, "Getting laid!"

Janet could feel her face burning.

Spark tried hard not to laugh in front of his boss as he replied, "Copy that, Boss Si. I will make sure that no one will bother you and Mrs. Si!"

"Good job! I will reward you generously when I get back to work." With Janet in his arms, Daniel strode toward the castle.

More rewards for him? Spark was so excited that he jumped on his feet and shouted, "Boss Si, you are the best!"

"Now, get out of here!"

Upon receiving his boss's order, Spark quickly dashed out of the manor.

The castle was decorated with welcoming red ribbons. Daniel stepped on the soft red carpet and was absolutely delighted. At the foot of the stairs, he leaned down and gently sealed her ruby lips with a long kiss.

Janet knew they were alone in the castle, so she did not pull away.

At the corridor on the second floor, Daniel placed her down. He fondly gazed at her beautiful face and sighed with satisfaction, "If we had lived in another era, your beauty would be... the cause of all wars!"

Cause of all wars? Janet's eyebrows furrowed and rebutted, "Why can't you say that my beauty would be the reward of all heroes?"

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