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   Chapter 378 She Looked Like an Empress

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7176

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Daniel was first asked to come on stage. Then, Joseph announced with a clear voice, "Now, let's welcome the beautiful bride to the stage!"

The crowd applauded warmly. The curtains were raised as the father and daughter walked down the aisle.

Samuel led Janet to the stage.

A gentle spotlight shone over them. As she walked fast, the veil was slightly lifted.

Janet looked so beautiful that her face took the guests' breath away.

The phoenix coronet she was wearing was delicately made out of gold and other rare metals. The phoenix was carved hollow, and the whole headpiece was decorated with peacock feathers.

The designer used 128 pieces of precious gems, pearls, and ambers to adorn the coronet.

The red rubies dotted around it made Janet look like a noble empress.

The coronet's front resembled a peacock displaying its fancy tails. Some rare black rubies were also added to furnish it with a touch of elegance.

Two streams of gold tassels hung on both sides.

Overall, this piece was worth millions of dollars and weighed 2.888 kilos!

Janet's bridal make-up was also breathtaking. She looked absolutely gorgeous after the A-list makeup artists dolled her up.

Her ruby lips slightly opened as she smiled with joy. Her sweet smile pierced through the hearts of the bachelors in the room.

She wore a traditional Chinese one-piece wedding gown. It was a red cheongsam with vivid patterns of roses, lotuses, mandarin ducks, and phoenixes.

The gown was handmade by a team of 168 people. It took them 8 months and about 100 alterations to complete this piece of art.

She had a Chinese red tassel belt around her waist and a patterned cape over her shoulders.

Her wedding shoes were also a combination of both Chinese and Western styles. The shoes had embroidery made by a master from Huaxia. The embroidery was different from the ones on her dress. Nevertheless, both showcased the magnificence of Chinese art.

Her shoes were wedged and polished by a skilled craftsman in Milan. The shoes were soft and comfortable to wear.

Janet's outfit stunned everyone in the room. They gasped at how she looked an

and pull her away, but Levi sneaked up on her and sat right next to her.

Angela was still focused on her game, but she felt someone coldly staring at her.

Was it Daniel? Impossible! Daniel was over there with Jane. They were entertaining some guests.

She raised her head and saw Daniel and Janet chatting with a table of guests not far from the stage.

She returned to her game.

She needed to kill the big boss in the game!

"Die die die die die! Just die! Why won't you die?" Angela was so mad at the game that she wanted to throw her phone away!

Angela touched her neck as she felt cold. It seemed that someone was approaching her. She quickly raised her head to see who it was.

Oh my god! She almost fell out of her chair.

Angela froze upon seeing the man next to her.

Why was he here? The man as cold as Daniel...

"You... you... Why are you here?" Angela put her phone away. His presence made her lose interest in the game.

Arvin ignored her question. His eyebrows furrowed as he coldly said, "You are in the wrong seat!"

Angela checked her surroundings. This was a table full of people she did not know at all! Where was Selina? Then, she realized that she was indeed in the wrong seat.

Angela quickly stood up and ran back to Selina. She completely forgot that Selina had asked to change seats with her. She pushed Selina toward Levi and said, "Move over, Selina. You are in my seat!"

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