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   Chapter 377 Six Cases of Bank Notes with Consecutive Serial Number

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Joseph was about to make a speech, but Daniel had already knelt down next to Janet. As he fondly gazed in her eyes, he softly proposed to her again in front of everyone, "Janet Shao, will you marry me?"

Scott laughed and said, "Daniel, slow down. Joseph hasn't said anything yet!"

The crowed whistled and clapped their hands.

Joseph cleared his throat and made his speech for the ceremony.

Twenty minutes later.

Daniel was finally allowed to take his bride out of the room. They were both followed by the bridesmaids. Their hands were full of gold bars.

Daniel was really generous. Apart from giving them cash, he also handed them gold bars! No wonder the envelopes were too thick to pass under the door!

Downstairs, Daniel led Janet to Samuel and Ella. On the way, he also carefully helped her tidy her cape.

Daniel offered his parents-in-law cups of tea and thanked them for raising their daughter well. In return, he received a generous red envelope of money from them.

After the tea, they had their photos taken as a family.

Janet and Daniel stood next to Ella and Samuel. In front of them, were Sally and Jerry. In the photo, Melody, Vincent and his wife, John, and the twins were also present.

According to traditional customs, the bride's younger brother was supposed to carry the bride to the groom's car.

However, since John was still young, they decided to let him carry a small leather suitcase with Janet's dowry instead. It was filled with precious trinkets.

Jerry, as the elder brother of Janet, carried her on his back to the car.

In the car, Ella attached a light red veil on Janet's head.

The rest of them were still busy loading the bride's dowry into the car.

There were six cases of bank notes with consecutive serial numbers, 72 sets of dresses symbolizing good luck, 18 bedsheets made by Ella, and 8 sets of beddings.

There were also numerous sets of jewelry made from high quality jade, pearl, amber, and platinum. To everyone's surprise, as part of Janet's dowry, there were even two sport cars, each costed over millions of dollars.

There were so many expensive, luxurious, and sophisticated things in her dowry, dazzling all the guests' eyes.

The bodyguards were still loading the cars. All of the groomsmen's cars were already full. The Shao family really valued their daughter sin

lking behind the curtains. Just then, her father came to her and let her hold onto his arm.

He fondly gazed at her and asked, "Jane, how do you feel now?" He was so happy for her today! His beloved daughter was finally about to get married!

Janet recalled how Ella wiped her tears away before she left the house earlier. She sobbed with joy and replied, "Dad, do you even have to ask? Of course, I feel delighted and excited at the same time!"

Samuel smiled at his daughter and said, "As the saying goes, when a girl grows up, she can't be kept at home!"

"Daddy!" Janet's face turned red. She was going to live with the man she loved, so there was nothing her parents should worry about!

"Jane, from now on, you are not only a Shao, but you are also a Si. If Daniel dares to bully you, just come and tell me. I will punish him for you!"

"He wouldn't dare!" Janet was amused by the thought. She couldn't help but laugh.

"You two should respect each other. You should also be nice to Daniel. He agreed to marry you despite you being so daft and difficult!"

Janet pouted, "Daddy! I am neither daft, nor difficult at all!"

"Really? You are already 26 years old and yet... you only know how to cook boiled eggs! Never mind. I won't say more..."

"Dad!" Janet's face became redder as she held onto her father's arm.

Samuel laughed and patted her on the hand, "All right. I won't tease you anymore. We need to step in soon."

Joseph was delivering a speech onstage. Samuel stopped talking and carefully fixed the transparent veil on his daughter.

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