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   Chapter 376 They Thought Alike

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8374

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Once, when Janet and Roma went inside the store, they were attacked by a bunch of stray dogs.

Fortunately, the bodyguards and Roma reacted fast, so Janet was not harmed at all.

Later on, there were rumours about Janet's store. Some customers mentioned that they got food poisoning from eating Janet's desserts.

These incidents did not bother Janet at all because she knew that she had Daniel to help her with these issues.

Soon, December came.

Two days before her wedding, Janet finally got to see her dress., It was a cheongsam, a Chinese embroidery dress.

It had never occurred to her that Daniel would prepare such a dress for her!

He was also very thoughtful as he ordered a matching cape with prints of wild roses. As the ceremony would be held in winter, he was concerned that she might get cold. The cape was hand-made and cost a fortune.

One of the boxes sent to her had a phoenix coronet in it...

Janet slowly caressed the fabric of the dress. The delicate embroidery was simply breathtaking.

She thought he would give her a Western-style wedding. But she personally preferred a wedding with both Eastern and Western influences.

It seemed that they had the same idea.

Sally smiled and urged her to try the things on, "Jane, put them on quickly, and let me see!"

She trusted that the things her brother chose for Janet were the best!

However, Janet shook her head, "Not now."

"Why? You need to see if they fit or not!"

Janet shook her head again and said, "They are so beautiful. I am afraid..."

She really appreciated the things Daniel had sent her. She wouldn't wish to have them altered whether they fit or not.

She would wear them just the way they were.

On the second day of December.

Like all the brides in the world, Janet was woken up by her mother early in the morning so Janet could have her hair and make-up done.

It was only five in the morning, but the Mansion No.8 was already packed with people.

Random voices were heard around the house. "Quiet! The two girls are still sleeping!"

"Hey, mind your voice, the elders are not up yet!"

"I saw the old lady just now..."

"How about the twins? Shhhhhhhh..."


Janet sat in front of her vanity table, listening to the people outside of her room with a smile.

The room was prepared yesterday. Behind her stood two celebrity make-up artists, who were hired for the occasion. They were going to doll her up as glamorous as they could.

Three fashion stylists we

The four bridesmaids looked at each other and turned to Janet for advice on what they should do next.

Janet laughed, "He is a man of his word!"

They would get their envelopes as promised! Selina went to open the door, and the people outside filled the room within seconds.

Angela quickly stepped in front of the bride and shouted, "Give me my red envelope, and the bride is all yours!"

Daniel with 99 roses in his arms, laughed, and gave her a thick deck of envelopes full of cash. Then, he pushed her away and hurried toward his bride.

Right now, Angela and Selina's joyful cheers did not bother him at all. His eyes were dead focused on his beautiful wife.

Bill and Sven dashed toward Janet as well. They both gasped at her beauty. Bill stared at Janet and was utterly amazed by how she looked. He turned to Daniel and said, "Oh my god, you are marrying a goddess today!"

Sven leaned closer to Janet and shouted to the photographer, "Hey, over here! I want a picture with the beautiful bride."

Daniel shook his head and pushed them away. He was slightly annoyed by them and said, "Stay away from my wife!"

Sven and Bill giggled at his jealousy. Daniel gazed at Janet, his eyes sparkled. Then, he leaned down and sealed her ruby lips with a passionate kiss.

The crowd went wild. Joseph tried to pull Daniel away. He smirked at him, "Hey, Daniel. Behave yourself. The ceremony hasn't started, yet. You can't kiss your bride now!"

"Hahaha! Daniel, try to keep your hands to yourself." Sven laughed at Daniel, his desperate eagerness amused him.

Scott whistled and said, "Daniel, why don't you propose to Janet in front of us again?"

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