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   Chapter 375 Women were Unpredictable

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7645

Updated: 2018-09-20 10:07

Shirley took off her sunglasses and hat and walked straight toward Janet. She opened her mouth and said, "Janet, I am leaving now. I will return to my hometown with my parents. "

Janet didn't say anything. She had expected things to end like this.

"I owe you an apology for everything that had happened between us. Janet, I am sorry!" With these words, she lowered her head.

"I know that it is hard for you to forgive me, and I don't expect you to. But I just hope that you can find it in your heart to put all these things behind us." If only they could go back... back to the time when they were still best friends...

"This might be the last time that we'll ever see each other. But Janet, I will always... remember you." She knew she had no right to say these words. But she wanted to come clean and be honest about how she really felt.

"As for Daniel, he... was crazy in love with you. Back then, he only married me because he wanted to find you. On our wedding day, he didn't even invite my parents... When you were fighting over the issue with Ivanka..." Shirley stopped and bit her lip in distress. She found it hard to spit it all out. She had done something so horrible that even she hated herself for it.

"He really cared about you. He dropped by my place everyday just to see how you were doing. Later on, he asked me to move to a new apartment and gave me a check, so I can take care of you. He simply didn't want you to suffer..."

Janet remained calm as she listened to her words. However, she felt her heart beat, her fists clenched.

Daniel was such a big fool. He should have explained this to her before!

"I was merely cooperating with him just for show. Trust me, his focus was you, and only you. We... never held hands, not to mention had sex. He never touched me. Moreover, if I ever used any of his stuff, he would throw them away..."

Shirley continued telling her a lot of things that she never heard about. From Shirley's point of view, Daniel really loved Janet to bits.

Finally, Shirley rubbed her swollen eyes and sobbed, "I am so sorry, Janet. He really loves you. Please cherish his love. I wish both of you all the best!"

Her sincere words touched Janet's heart. She watched her put on her shades and hat. Then, she stood up to le

one, Janet stood up and flew into Daniel's arms. With her hands around his waist, she giggled, "I know you don't. Hubby, I love you!"

"Why are you expressing your love to me all of a sudden?" Daniel was both amused and shocked by how she was acting. He would have to ask Roma what the reason was behind Janet's sudden change of attitude toward him.

Janet grinned, "Nothing. Stop guessing around. Hubby, would you like some home-made dessert?"

She would lovingly prepare some durian-flavoured cake for him!

"Sure. But I have to attend an important business meeting. So I will take it with me and have it in the evening at home!" He only came here to check if she was doing fine.

"No problem! You can go ahead then!"

On his way back, Daniel put on his bluetooth earphone and listened to Roma's report as he drove.

No wonder she behaved like that!

His wife was so kind. Her friend betrayed her, but she still acted as if nothing had happened.

She also quickly accepted Shirley's apology as if she had forgotten all the pain she had suffered!

"Thanks for the report." Roma also told Daniel that Janet learned the whereabouts of Sabina from Shirley. At the moment, Sabina was in C Country.

She was seen a couple of days ago near Daniel's company.

As soon as Daniel ended his call with Roma, he quickly dialed another number and gave his order, "Find Sabina, and bring her to me!"

She was the one who poisoned Jane and wanted her to be raped by Hobson. He must hunt her down and make her pay!

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