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   Chapter 374 She Janet was not the Virgin Mary

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7353

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While she was watching Fanny and Clay getting busy making tea and washing fruits, Janet suddenly hesitated for a moment, and thought of the real purpose of her visit there.

"Janet! Why didn't you come to our house? We wanted to visit you, but we were afraid that we might bother you… We're in the city because your uncle needs to see a doctor, and with this occasion we have also planned to visit you and give you all the special products that we brought for you, but we didn't expect you would come here today!" While speaking, Fanny pointed to some cloth bags and kindly smiled at Janet.

Without noticing Shirley's unusual expression on her face, Clay and Fanny chatted with Janet for a long time.

Finally, Janet took a deep breath, and said, "Auntie…"

But she was immediately interrupted by Shirley. "Janet, I have something to tell you!" she said.

Janet looked at Shirley, who had her eyes filled with fear, and while shaking her head, said, "I have something to tell auntie."

Pretending to be discontent, Fanny glared at her daughter, and said, "Shirley, let Janet speak first."

"Auntie, I'm getting married!" When Janet said this, she had to suppress all the incredible joy in her heart.

Fanny and Clay happily looked at each other, and joyfully said, "That's wonderful! What does he do? Is he good to you?" they asked.

"He… is good to me. We are deeply in love with each other, and we have two daughters." Janet didn't know how to say the rest.

Fanny took her hand, patted it, and said, "It's so good that he is nice to you. The most important thing for a woman is to find someone who truly loves her!"

Shirley's face went pale. Before she could stop her, Janet said, "But there is a woman… who kept on pestering my fiance, actually no, my husband. We've already got our marriage certificate."

Fanny had stayed in the village all her life, and she detested those who got involved in other people's marriages. Irritated, she said, "How can there be such a shameless woman! Janet, keep a close eye on your husband!"

Janet took a deep breath, and said, "Auntie, to be honest with you, I've already fallen out with Shirley, since she is that woman."

The wh

now that you were wrong?"

Shirley face was numb because of the pain, and she nodded, and said, "I was wrong."

"Janet had risked her own life to save our family that time. You didn't return her kindness, and instead you tried to fight with her for her husband. How shameless can you be!" said Clay furiously.

"Dad, I was wrong…"

Shirley's heart ached. She had vowed to remember Janet's kindness for all of her life.

But she had completely forget it all since she met Daniel.

In the parking lot downstairs, Janet was sitting in the car, and while looking at the building in front of her, her eyes slightly began to redden.

It was alright to love someone, but Shirley had loved the wrong person, in a wrong way.

Janet wasn't the Virgin Mary, because she wouldn't make a concession or compromise when it came to Daniel.

Hopefully, Shirley would realize her mistakes and do the right thing.

The next day, while Janet was busy in her store, one of her sales guides said, "Boss, you are wanted outside."

"Okay!" said Janet. She took off her gloves and walked out of the cooking room.

The woman standing at the counter surprised her.

Even when she was wearing sunglasses, judging from her swollen face and tightly sealed lips, Janet quickly recognized that the woman was Shirley.

Without speaking anything to her, she then led her into a private room.

And knowing that Shirley was not a good person, Roma followed them in as well.

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