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   Chapter 373 Daniel Could Be So Good at Acting

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7516

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Lola stopped smiling, and said, "Hey, you brat, is that the way to be talking to your mother?"

"I must correct you. As long as there is anything concerning about Jane, you favored her instead of me. Don't you feel embarrassed to say that you're my mom now? Lady Li, Mrs. Si!" said Daniel. It was easy to tell that he was only making fun of Lola, even though he was wearing a cool expression on his face when he talked to her.

Janet pinched his thigh under the table, and said, "How can you talk to your mom this way!"

Daniel reacted as if he had suddenly realized his mistake, and regretfully said, "Sweetheart you're right! Mom, I'm really sorry..."



Neither Janet nor Lola had ever known that Daniel could be so good at acting.

Lola had come to show Daniel what she would use as decorations for the wedding venue, but when she saw that Janet was also there, she had to leave the subject aside for the moment.

Daniel had told his mother over and over again not to tell Janet where the wedding would be held.

Naturally, Janet was very curious about the whole thing, and she sometimes was very annoyed by Daniel's utmost secrecy.

Since she could not talk about what she had come there for, Lola quickly found an excuse, and left.

As soon as Lola walked out of the office, Daniel held Janet in his arms and gave her a passionate lingering kiss.

"Let's continue from where we left off..."

"…" What a Casanova! "No! I have something to deal with, and I have to go, " said Janet.

Daniel doubtfully looked at the woman, and asked, "Anything that has to do with the shop?"

"No! Alas! I'm sad to say that I might be the only bride in the whole world that doesn't have a wedding dress. Well, then I need to buy a... Wedding! Dress!" cried Janet.

She had come to his office to specifically talk about this matter, but other things interfered with her initial intent.

Looking at the aggrieved expression on her face, Daniel smiled, and said, "How could my bride be without a wedding dress? It's already been ordered."

It hadn't been finished yet, because hand embroidery took a lot of time before it was done.

Janet felt relieved to hear that. Anyway, she couldn't believe that he wouldn't prepare a dr

nd owns, also belongs to me!"

She ignored Shirley and rang the doorbell.

Shirley's father was the one who opened the door. He looked at the woman, whose face seemed familiar, and asked, "Who are you looking for?"

It was normal for him not to recognize Janet, since they hadn't seen each other in over three years.

With a smile on her face, Janet said, "Uncle Zheng, how are you doing? It's Janet; don't you remember me?"

"Oh! It's you, Janet! Shirley, why didn't you tell us that Janet was coming? Please, come on in, Janet." Janet had saved their whole family, and Clay Zheng warmly welcomed Janet inside their home.

After Janet put the bags of tonics on the table, Shirley's mother Fanny Wu came out from the bedroom, and asked, "Who's here?"

"Fanny, it's Janet. Come over here!" said Clay to his wife.

Hearing that it was Janet, Fanny came trotting with excitement. "Janet? Is it really you, Janet?" asked Fanny.

"Yes, it's me, auntie, " said Janet, while she smiled back at them.

Shirley's heart started aching when she saw the whole scene. She knew that her parents regarded Janet as their lifesaver. The main reason her parents had also come there was to see Janet, but Shirley had turned down their request twice.

"Come here and sit down, Janet, " said Fanny. She asked Janet to sit down on the couch. When she saw Roma, she asked, "Who's she?"

Janet introduced her, "This is my friend, Roma, " and after that, she was also invited to sit down on the sofa.

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