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   Chapter 372 You are My Precious Treasure

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7343

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But he would never beat his wife and daughters!

Shirley was almost out of breath, not because she had been kicked, but because she was deeply hurt by Daniel's words.

She then looked at Janet, who was standing behind Daniel in the doorway, and continued to stir things up. She said, "Daniel, did you forget about the night when you held me in your arms, and told me that you loved me, and that you won't be with Janet any longer?"

Having a weird feeling, Daniel turned around and saw Spark, who was hiding in the corner, and... his Jane, staring at him and Shirley.

Daniel was too distressed to deny what Shirley was saying. He had heard the door open when Shirley had kissed him. 'Jane must have seen the scene!' he thought. He went to Janet, and explained, "Jane, it wasn't like that..."

Janet shifted her eyes on Daniel. All of a sudden she held his waist, and said, "Daniel, I should have tied you to me. Why are there always flies following you wherever you go! Don't you feel disgusted?"


Although Daniel didn't know what Janet was trying to do, he held Janet in his arms, and with a hoarse voice, said, "Jane..."

Remembering the scene that she had just witnessed, Janet loosened Daniel, and while frowning, said, "Daniel, you're obsessed about cleanliness, aren't you? Take off your suit jacket."

"Okay!" approved Daniel, and immediately after he took off his suit jacket, he threw it to Spark, and said, "Burn it!"

Spark scooted out with Daniel's suit jacket in his arms, and walked back to his seat.

With a grave look on his face, he instructed one of the secretaries, "Don't allow anyone to go into the meeting room, or else..."

The secretary nodded with a knowing smile, "Yes, of course! Don't worry, Mr. Spark."

The secretary had seen Janet walk into the meeting room, but didn't know that Shirley was also there. She thought that Mr. Si and Mrs Si were enjoying their intimate moments...

In the meeting room

Janet rubbed Daniel's lips with her finger, and said, "Daniel, you were bitten by a fly here. Oh, it's so dirty!"

When she heard that, Shirley's face turned even more pale.

Daniel kissed Janet on her lips, and acting like there w

of her, and protested, "This is your office!"

Daniel said, "I know!" Then he lowered his head, and kissed Janet again.

Janet had nothing else to do but to grab Daniel's ears as hard as she could, but it seemed that Daniel didn't feel any pain at all. He didn't leave her alone, and kissed her even more harder.

Suddenly, the office door was pushed open from the outside. "Daniel... Ah..."

Witnessing the scene, Lola covered her eyes with her hands, and immediately turned around.

Seconds later, she realized that she should have better left, and said, "You two go on with what you were doing. I'll come back an hour later!"

Janet, who was already blushing, jumped off the desk and briefly glared at Daniel. "Mommy!" she said.

Lola turned around, and said, "I'm so sorry. I didn't know that you were here..."

Janet straightened her clothes on herself, and explained, "Mommy, don't get us wrong. We were just... kissing..."

Lola tried her best not to laugh. She was sure that what was on Daniel's mind didn't resume for a bit to just a kiss.

Daniel revealed a sly smile, and said, "Mother, that was exactly what you were thinking!"

Janet was driven mad by him. She gnashed her teeth, and threatened him, "Daniel, don't smirk. Don't forget that I haven't forgiven you yet for what you did with Shirley earlier!"

'Alright!' Daniel sat back in his executive chair and squinted at Lola, and said, "It'd better be something important!"

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