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   Chapter 371 Please Don't Marry Janet

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7181

Updated: 2018-09-19 20:41

It was a common thing for two powerful families to unite with each other through marriage, but it was rare to happen twice in just a few years.

Both the Si family and Shao family permeated with joy.

Inside mansion No. 9

Daniel had been busy recently, and so had Janet. Although she had left all the work in the shop to the manger, and just needed to stay at home and wait for the wedding to come, she still had engaged herself in decorating the mansion.

Although Daniel had already told her to leave this kind of thing to him, she still insisted to share the work.

On their wedding day, Daniel would pick up Janet from the Royal Mansion to the venue, and then go to Leroy Manor together in the evening. Daniel's bedroom in Leroy Manor would be their marital room..

But they wanted to also decorate mansion No. 9. Every location had to be filled with joyful elements during their wedding!

"... Buy some colourful balloons to decorate the bedroom. As for the other rooms, do as I instructed you!" said Janet, as she closed her notebook, and handed it to a servant.

"Okay, Mrs Si. Do you have any other instructions?"

"Nothing else, for the time being. Thank you!" said Janet, as she pulled her mobile phone out of her pocket. She was planning to call Daniel.

"Okay then. Mrs Si, please let me know if you have any other further instructions. I will leave you alone now."

Janet then dialed Daniel's phone number soon after the servant left the room. "Hi, honey, " answered Daniel.

"Daniel, are you sure that I'm your bride?" asked Janet with a?little gloom in her voice as she stared at their photo on the tea table.

Daniel tittered at her question, and said, "Yes, of course! Who else? Why are you so silly to ask this?"

"I'm wondering where the wedding will be held at. And my wedding dress, I think I need to try it beforehand, to check if it fits me right!"

As the bride, she didn't know where the wedding would be held, nor how her wedding dress looked like! How ridiculous it was!

"You don't need to worry about the venue. My mom has taken care of this. As for your dress, I can tell you for certain tha

xpression on her face. She then rushed into Daniel's arms all of a sudden, and begged, "Don't marry Janet, please!"

Daniel frowned, and in an even colder voice, said, "Get off of me!"

He didn't want to lift his arms to push Shirley away. In his mind, Shirley was... a dirty woman! He didn't want to touch her...

"Daniel, I love you! Don't abandon me, please..."

"Shirley, you disgust me. Get off of me!" How could Janet have ever possibly seen this woman as her best friend! How ridiculous it was!

Hearing Daniel's words, Shirley fell apart and burst out crying in Daniel's arms.

God knew how she had gotten over the days without Daniel.

Every time when she saw Daniel and Janet looking affectionately at each other, her heart broke into a million pieces.

Shirley didn't loosen Daniel, and instead stood on her tiptoes and shamelessly kissed Daniel on his lips...

Janet, who had been led to the meeting room by Spark, saw the whole scene.

A woman with tears on her cheeks was in her man's arms, kissing him.

Spark then started to worry about what would happen to Shirley... 'What a crazy woman!' he thought.

"Ah!" Pissed off, Daniel pushed Shirley away with all of his strength. Shirley fell on the floor, hitting her head against an armchair.

With a terrifying aura around him, Daniel kicked Shirley, and growled, "You thought that I don't hit women? Well, I do, especially bitches like you!"

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