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   Chapter 370 They All Have Doting Fathers

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7312

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"Dad, she has a big screen and I have a small one. It's not fair!" grumbled Melissa, pretending to be sad.

Daniel didn't reply to her. He thought for a while, And then called the manager, and said, "Could you go on an errand and buy me an iPad?"

Janet rolled her eyes in disagreement, and grabbed Daniel's phone, and stopped the manager, "That's fine, thank you anyway. I'll handle it!"

Holding the wedding gown in her hand, she walked up to Melissa, and took her hands away from her face. "Melissa, stop the playacting!" she said.

Melissa was obviously acting, because she could hardly squeeze a tear.

Daniel's mouth twitched, but said nothing.

"You can use daddy's phone to watch cartoons, " said Janet, trying to coax her. Although Daniel's phone had a smaller display, it was worth thousands of dollars more than the iPad.

"No!" insisted Melissa, knocking the phone from her mother's hand, and dropping it on the carpet.

From the logo, the phone was a MILA. Daniel had a very expensive limited edition of it.

Everyone was shocked, especially the shop assistants.

They expected him to get mad at the wilful girl.

Seeing what happened, Janet began to feel alarmed. She looked at his face, and for Melissa's sake, said, "Melissa is only a child..."

Daniel's face was flat. He pulled Melissa from Janet, and Janet was a little scared. She glued her daughter onto her and wouldn't let her go, but Melissa didn't seem to be afraid of her father, and instead went to him without any sort of hesitation.

Janet gave out a sigh, and let her go.

The manager picked up the phone, and handed it to Janet. "It isn't broken! It's still working..." she said, checking it and

Looking relieved.

She had punished the kids before when they had misbehaved in the past, but Daniel was a calm man with a strong character, and had never risked punishing them.

Contrary to her expectations, Daniel did nothing unpleasant. Instead, he put his daughter on his legs, and sweetly said to her, "Melissa, if you don't like my phone, how about we go and get a new iPad now?"


What was that coming from the icy man's mouth? He wasn't behaving like his usual sel

to upload several of their best pictures on their online website.

When customers saw the photos, the shop's orders followed one after another, and soon they ended up being booked until the end of the following year.

In the Royal Mansion, the two families met with each other and set the wedding date in the twelfth lunar month. That meant that there were still two months left for Daniel and Jane to prepare for the wedding.

At the end of the lunar October, when Felix Shao was thirty days old, the Shao family held a grand banquet to celebrate this.

During the banquet, Jerry toasted to the guests with his wife and son, and looked very happy.

Everyone admired the family's achievements, but they had no idea through what it had gone over the recent past couple of years.

For Janet and Daniel, it had been a long and bumpy road until they had reached their happy ending.

All the joys and pains that they had had engraved in their hearts.

Since the wedding date had now been set, Lola began to prepare the things needed for the wedding, including invitation cards, wedding cakes, and candy. She ordered thousands of gift boxes, with the new couple's photo printed on them.

They filled the boxes with candy and cakes, which had been all made by Janet.

Their marriage had caused a wave of sensation throughout the respectable upper-class society. And it also helped them secure their position as the top two families in C Country.

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