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   Chapter 369 Mommy Scolded Us

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"I heard that there was a highly skilled craftsman living in the southern part of the city, who is a master in the art of making beddings. She even won prizes for her embroidery, and I will try to invite her to come here and teach you her secrets." Samuel had planned it all out. Jane was their precious daughter, and they would give her something special for her to remember them by, something that money couldn't ever buy.

"Okay. I will think about something else then, " said Ella.

"Dear, let's go to sleep now! It's late."

"Goodnight!" replied Ella to her husband, afterwards quickly falling asleep.

Samuel turned off the bedside lamp and held Ella in his arms.

Different from the peaceful evening in mansion No. 8, mansion No. 9 was in some sort of turmoil. The twins were extremely excited, and were happily playing with Daniel on the second floor of the house. It was already ten o'clock in the evening, and they still hadn't gone to bed yet.

When Janet saw that they were still awake and out of bed after her shower, she said, "Melissa, go to bed with your sister, now! Hurry!"

Melissa made a long face to Janet, who still had her hair wet, and said, "Mommy, I don't want to go to bed now. I want to play for a little while, just a little while, okay? Daddy?"

Daniel was about to have the babies go to bed, but when he saw Melissa's eager eyes, he swallowed his initial words, and instead replied, "Okay."

"Yeah! You are the best daddy ever! Give me a kiss, daddy!" said Melissa.

"I want a kiss too, daddy!" also said Michelle, who then stopped playing with her toys, and climbed in bed and held Daniel in her little arms.

Daniel gave each of his girls a kiss.

Janet felt speechless, and said, "Daniel, if they go to bed too late, they won't be able to get up early tomorrow morning!"

"Then let them sleep more, " said Daniel, indifferently, while continuing to play with the girls.

The twins jumped up and down, and screamed in bed happily, while Daniel smiled, and patiently looked at them.

At half past eleven, the two girls finally fell asleep in the bed.

Janet was also very sleepy, and she laid down beside the twins. Looking at the three people sleeping peacefully, Daniel smiled.

The following day, Janet and Daniel went to the wedding dress store together with the twins.

The appointment had been made for 8:00 A.M, but they didn't arrive there until 10:00 A.M., because they had to dea

t in the end they still ended up fighting.

To avoid this, Janet had bought two iPads, for each one of them.

"Why?" Before Janet could answer him, they heard the two shopping guides gasping.

Janet looked ahead, and saw that what she had expected had indeed happened! The two little girls were fighting each other with their little fists.

The shopping guides had intended to stop them, but they didn't know how, and they had no other choice but to separate them right away.

"Melissa, you're the elder sister, and you should have humored me! How could you mess with me?" furiously said Michelle to her sister. She often argued with her.

If Janet wasn't wrong, Melissa would say, "There is no elder or younger sister when we're watching cartoons! I was born only a few minutes earlier than you! We're of the same age!"

And then Michelle would reply, "Then call me elder sister from now on!"

"No! I won't!" And this would go on, and on...

... What happened next proved Janet exactly right.

Daniel held his two daughters in his arms, and while smiling, he put Michelle on the sofa, and told her, "You're now separated from your sister."

He took his cell phone out of his pocket and gave it to Melissa, and said, "Melissa, you can watch cartoons on my phone!"

But Melissa wouldn't accept, and she pushed Daniel away, and pouted in a discontented voice, "Daddy, you can't just prefer Michelle like that! I'm not happy..."

Daniel hastily wiped her tears, and comforted her lovingly, "My little one, how could daddy ever prefer you over your sister? Both of you are my beloved daughters! Don't cry now..."

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