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   Chapter 368 Have Fun

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8419

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Daniel put his hand on Janet's shoulder, and said, "My silly girl, Mr. Qiao just congratulated us on our wedding!"

"Oh! Thank you, Caspar!" Janet didn't have the opportunity to speak more with Caspar that evening.

Jerry and Daniel also kept reminding her from time to time of her past relationship with Caspar!

With a forced smile on his face, Caspar said, "Don't forget to invite me to your wedding party! And tell me whatever you want as a gift!"

Caspar felt a little bit lost at that moment, because he had no idea whether he should give up or continue to insist...

Daniel said, "Please rest assured, Mr. Qiao! We will definitely send you our wedding invitation! As for the gift, that's completely up to you. Because I'm her husband, I'm the one that gets her whatever she wants!"


Janet cast a sharp glance at Daniel, and thought that he had been speaking too much today! Wasn't he afraid of ruining his cool and noble image?

"Okay, " said Caspar, without uttering any other word.

After they walked out of the hotel, Samuel and Jerry sent Caspar to the car, but Caspar couldn't help but take a deep look at Janet when he was just about to leave.

Caspar dialed Croft's number, and asked, "You're in C Country now, aren't you?"

"Shit! How did you know? I just arrived earlier!" Croft had arrived in the country already, and had just got out of the shower in his hotel suite.

Caspar closed his eyes, and in a distressed voice, said, "Let's go to the bar! I want to drink!"

"What's up?" asked Croft. He noticed that Caspar had been drinking more and more, and he thought that there was only one reason for that, and that was Janet.

When Caspar had seen the news about Daniel and Janet dating each other, he had drank himself for two days in a row. Croft thought that this time it was also because of her...

And his suspicion was confirmed after he met Caspar in one of the nightclub's private rooms.

After he drank three glasses of whiskey, Caspar couldn't hold himself back any longer, and started to speak his bitter hardships. "Janet's getting married!" he cried.

He knew that he didn't have a chance at her anymore, because she looked happy with Daniel!

"Well, it makes sense, you should have known better earlier! Sometimes you're too stubborn!" said Croft. Caspar was very simple-minded, and had never known how or when to give up. That was why he had gotten hurt.

After another bottle of whiskey, Caspar suddenly shouted, "Ask the manager to come here!"


nd Daniel and Janet's is No. 9. He's very thoughtful of everything!" Samuel had told Ella about JaDa Green Island. It was a project that Daniel had invested in, but the villa area was still under construction last time she had passed by it.

Samuel nodded, but he could feel his head ache. He asked, "What should we give to Jane?"

The least thing that Daniel lacked was money, and also the least thing that Jane would worry about after getting married. He wanted to give Jane something else as a gift, not money...

"I initially wanted to give her a bank card, but that would be unuseful in her case. I've got an idea! How about we discuss with Lola that we will be getting the wedding supplies? She told me last time that she wanted to soon buy the wedding supplies for Daniel and Janet's party."

Samuel shook his head, and didn't think it was a good idea. "How about this? I remembered that grandmother once told me that whenever someone got married, the mother would always make a cotton-wadded quilt for the daughter. Nowadays it can be simply bought in the mall, but if you sow it by yourself, it has an unique personal meaning and value. Daniel is rich, and he can buy everything he wants, but we, as Jane's parents, should express our heart. We must take care of Jane and her daughters, " said Samuel.

Ella nodded, but said, "I don't know how to make a quilt..."

She had never even seen the manufacturing process once.

Samuel smiled, and while looking at his wife, he patted her shoulder gently, and said, "That's not a big problem. The wedding date hasn't been set yet, and I still have time to find a master to teach you."

"What master?" asked Ella.

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