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   Chapter 367 Am I Really His Sister

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7484

Updated: 2018-09-19 10:07

Janet was thrilled with Caspar's words. She asked, "Really? The twins are beginning to look like me?"

"No!" Before Caspar could answer, Daniel coldly cut in and shattered her excitement.

The atmosphere around them became awkward.

Fortunately, Jerry came in and greeted Caspar, clearing out the tense air.

Holding Michelle in her arms, Janet sat back next to Daniel. When she saw Jerry, she thought about his sermon just now, so she complained to Samuel, "Dad! I need to tell on Jerry!"

Samuel raised his brows and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Jerry Shao had become a 'long-winded man'. He gave me a long sermon earlier!" Janet deliberately glared at her brother, who just sat back on his seat.

Jerry rolled his eyes at her and went to hug his son.


He ignored Janet's stare.

"Dad! Look at him! See how bad his manners are? Am I really his sister?" protested Janet. Janet was not actually angry. She was just joking around, trying to lighten up the atmosphere.

Sitting in Ella's arms, Melissa curiously looked at her protesting mother and asked, "Mommy, what is a 'long-winded' man?"

"A person who says a lot, " said Janet.

"But Mommy, you're a long-winded person, too! Everyday, you say 'Melissa, don't do this... don't do that..', right?" asked Melissa.

Everyone burst out laughing.

Melissa imitated Janet's tone, and gestured like a parent, which made everyone laugh out louder.

Janet's face darkened, and with her palm on her forehead, she told everyone, "I must teach Melissa Shao a lesson tonight when we get back home!"

"It's Melissa Si!" Daniel corrected her. He had arranged for someone to change Melissa's name on the household registration.

But there seemed to be some technical delays, so that it wasn't changed yet.

"Janet, when will the twins go to kindergarten?" asked Caspar. He sat next to Jerry. There were two people between him and Janet.

Janet was about to answer him, but she instantly received a warning glance from Jerry.


Janet really wanted to cry. Daniel had seemed to have gotten into Jerry's head. Instead of Janet, Daniel answered, "Mr. Caspar, my daughters will go to kindergarten one month later!"

Caspar returned a smile and tried to keep calm

e, have some food here!" demanded Ella again. Spark was moved by Ella's hospitality, but he still used his unfinished work as an excuse and left the room.

When the door was closed, Daniel spoke to Samuel and Ella, "Dad, Mom, here is a copy of the file. Please have it. It's my betrothal present for you."


Daniel did it on purpose!

Why did he pick up this time to give his betrothal present? He purposely did it in front of Caspar!

Daniel was such a sly fox.

Samuel and Ella exchanged glances with each other. Samuel understood Daniel's intention.

Taking the betrothal present was a symbol of blessing to a marriage, so Samuel should accept it. Samuel then took the file packet from his hand, and while wearing a smile, he said, "Okay, thank you. What date is your wedding ceremony?"

"The date is not fixed yet. We can discuss it later, " said Daniel. Of course, the Shao family and the Si family must discuss it together.

While playing with the glass in his hand, Caspar remained silent the moment he heard Daniel. Daniel had done a good job! Caspar now really felt like an outsider.

When he saw Samuel accept Daniel's present, Caspar thought he might as well give up. His beloved woman would get married to this man, and there was nothing else he could do.

"Janet, congratulations!" Caspar's words made Janet come back to her senses.

She looked at Caspar, in a daze, and asked, "What? Congratulations on what?"

... Instantly, Daniel's face darkened.

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