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   Chapter 366 Love will Grow as Time Goes By

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7383

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"So what?" Janet fluttered her eyelashes. She tried to restrain the excitement in her heart.

'Daniel has already been preparing our wedding ceremony? This is so exciting! What should I do?' thought Janet.

Jerry then continued, "So... From now on, stay away from Caspar. Don't ever meet with him alone, and never try to have any intimate interaction with him..."

"Hey! Stop! Brother..." yelled Janet.

Jerry stopped, and wearing a stern look on his face, he stared at his angry sister.

After a moment of cooling down, Janet then asked, "Does Daniel know about what you're doing?"

"No, he doesn't."

"..." With her palm on her forehead, Janet asked, "Brother, since Daniel isn't worried about it at all, why must you worry about it? Also, do I not seem like a loyal woman?" She understood what Jerry had meant, but still... No! If it was possible for her to fall in love with Caspar, she would have done it a long time ago.

Jerry coldly reminded her, "There's a saying..."

"What?" wondered Janet.

"Love will grow as time goes by!" said Jerry.

"..." Janet dragged her brother by his collar and went toward their room's door.

But Jerry pulled her back again. Pointing at her face, he warned, "I'm not finished yet!"

"Brother! Don't you point your finger at me. That's so rude. Don't you know that?" snapped Janet. She angrily curled her lips and glared at him.

"I know, but I don't need to mind my manners with you!"

"..." 'Is he really my brother?' thought Janet.

Janet felt helpless. She walked to the sofa, sat down, and said, "Go on! Go on with your speech! I'm listening carefully, Mr. Shao!"

With his hands in his pockets, Jerry went over and stood in front of her. From a higher stance, he tried to exude power and authority over his sister and said, "Janet, don't get pissed off. I'm saying all these things for your own good!"

"Okay! Okay! Just say it!"

"Mind your attitude!" scolded Jerry.

"..." Janet felt morose. She was frustrated at how Jerry acted right now. Did he think that she was capable of cheating on Daniel?

Janet then sat properly, put her hands on her legs, cleared her throat, and smiled. But her words seemed the opposite of how sh

l? Why don't you go and tell Daniel not to keep an ambiguous relationship with other women?"

"Is he keeping any ambiguous relationship with other women now?" asked Jerry. If it were the case, he would go and punch Daniel!

Janet said, "Um... Not now, but he did it before! Kate Song, Sabina Fan, and Shirley Zheng..."

"But didn't you have Bill, Brian, and Caspar?" snapped Jerry.

"..." Janet suddenly stood up from the sofa, waved to Jerry, and said goodbye.

Jerry watched his sister's back, with a doting look on his face, instead of the stern look he had earlier.

When they went back to the VIP room, Caspar was already there.

He was greeting the people there. When he saw Janet come in, his eyes instantly sparkled with joyful delight. Daniel noticed the look in Caspar's eyes.

So Daniel decided to take his actions...

Janet greeted, "Caspar, you're here!" She controlled her emotions after Jerry's speech and smiled at Caspar. Then, she stood in front of him.

Caspar stood up from his seat and said, "Yeah, I was caught in heavy traffic, so I'm late."

"It's okay. You're not late. We also had just arrived!" said Janet. She held up Michelle, who ran to her.

"The twins are growing, and they're beginning to look like you even more!" said Caspar.


Daniel sneered and thought how Caspar was good at telling lies.

'My daughters actually resemble me more and more, don't they? Caspar... What did you mean by that?' thought he.

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