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   Chapter 365 How do You Have Time to Joke Around

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7627

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"My silly baby, have you found out who the woman was?" asked Daniel.

"Yes. It's Selina, my innocent and pretty cousin!" said Janet. She had nothing but good words to say about her cousin.

"That's right. I just escorted your innocent and pretty cousin to her school, " said Daniel. He would love and protect all the people Janet cared for. Similarly, he despised everyone she hated.

What's more, he had always treated Selina Bo as his sister.

"Yes, yes, I know. Please go back to your work. Oh, wait! I forgot to tell you. My parents will treat Caspar to dinner tonight. They asked you to come with us. Will you be free?" asked Janet.

Daniel had kept his words to help Caspar attain a firm position in C Country's business circles, within a very short time.

Caspar had been busy, but he recently found time to contact Janet. As they were talking on the phone, Samuel happened to overhear their phone conversation, so he took the opportunity to make an appointment with Caspar.

"Of course I will go!" replied Daniel without hesitation. He gripped her wrist tightly and bit her lips.

"Why did you bite me?" Janet protested and licked her red lips.

Daniel stared at her red lips. They were so attractive...


"Guess what?"

"Guess why I bit you, " Daniel tittered.

Janet drew her hands back and moved away from him, saying, "Bye-bye!"

His brain was always filled with weird thoughts. How could she guess what was in his mind right now? Janet felt it difficult to converse with him at times.

Daniel laughed, gently pecked her lips, and said, "Tomorrow, or the day after, let's go to the wedding dress shop. You decide on the time."

"Why didn't you tell me about it earlier? Why only now?" asked Janet. She wasn't ready for it.

"There are some new hand-sewn wedding dresses arriving at the shop today. Now I'm telling you about it!" said Daniel.

Janet was speechless, then she resigned, "Well, okay, then... Let's go tomorrow! In two days, there will be a celebration for Felix's one month. After that, we can take our wedding photos. What do you think?"

"It's all up to you, " said Daniel.

He came close to her and kissed her lips again.

Janet's face flushed and protested, "Stop it! We're in public! Haven't we kissed enoug

nts later, Samuel arrived, followed by Jerry, with Felix in his arms, and Sally.

Sally was finally free from her confinement of childbirth since yesterday. Jerry initially still didn't want her to come out, but Sally was so bored from staying at home for one whole month, so she insisted on coming with him.

Jerry waved to Janet and said, "Jane, come with me outside. I have something to tell you."

'What? Why can't we talk here? They are all family members, ' wondered Janet. So she said, "Brother, just tell me here!"

Jerry refused, "No, you have to come outside with me!"

... Janet then followed him out. The other people in the room, except Daniel who was still playing with the twins, all exchanged curious glances.

In the corridor outside the VIP room

There were too many passersby curiously looking at them, so Jerry had to bring his sister into the room next to them. They went in and turned on the lights.

"Brother, what are you going to tell me? Why are you being discreet about it?" asked Janet. She closed the door and casually leaned her back against the wall.

Jerry stared at his sister and ordered, "Stand straight! Take this seriously!"


Janet was taken aback. She stood straight, crossed her hands in front of her belly, and jokingly said in a military tone, "Mr. Shao, please start!"

Jerry ignored her and went straight to the point, "You and Daniel will soon get married, and to my knowledge, he has already prepared for your wedding ceremony since a while back."

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