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   Chapter 364 Was He Playing Tricks on Me

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7419

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Nathalie thought that Janet was getting angry, so she continued, "Selina is known for flirting with men in school. Now, she even dares seduce Mr. Si! She just got out of Mr. Si's car now! Mrs. Si, you'd better teach her a lesson!"

Janet looked at Selina and asked, "Does this person always treat you this way?"

Nathalie was stunned by Janet's words and wondered whom she meant by 'this person'.

'Was she referring to Daniel Si?' thought Nathalie?

Selina nodded and replied, "We're schoolmates. I don't want to quarrel with them and usually ignore them. But don't worry. I'll get back at them if they go too far."

Just now, if Janet hadn't appeared, Selina would have definitely taught these two unreasonable women a lesson!

Janet put on a wide grin, looked at Nathalie, and said, "Hello, young lady!"

Nathalie immediately smiled and thought, 'Oh my God! It would be great if I made friends with Mrs. Si! My other schoolmates would be so jealous of me.'

"Hello, too, Mrs. Si!"

Janet gestured at Roma and said, "Drag them over there, and teach them a lesson!"

Roma nodded. While the two girls wondered what Janet meant by it, Roma quickly pulled them to a corner where no one could see them and began to punish them.

Selina took Janet's arm and said, "Jane, you're a public figure now. You don't have to do things like this for me. What if the media finds out?"

"Don't worry. Daniel will have my back."

Selina laughed and said, "Jane, since when did you learn to rely on Daniel's power and position?"

After pondering for a while, Janet realized what Selina had meant. She raised her eyebrows and pinched Selina's face. "You wicked girl! How dare you think of me like that?"

"Okay, Sis! I'm sorry. It's my fault!"

Janet smiled and said, "Good girl... Do these two girls always bully you like that?" Janet and Selina didn't know what Roma did to those two girls. They haven't heard any sound from them for a while now.

Selina replied, "No. Two days ago, I unintentionally pissed them off because I talked to a handsome boy in our school. But honestly, I had no idea what I did wrong."

Selina didn't even know who the guy was. But somehow, Nathalie started hating her since.


"We have to leave now. Selina, if they bully you again, call me!" said Janet. She thought that Selina would get bullied by others at school, so she was a little worried.

Selina pushed her gently and said, "Jane, thank you! But my father is Eason Bo! No one can bully me! You should go now. Don't keep Daniel waiting."

Janet took a long look at Selina. She once also proudly said that her father was Samuel Shao...

Selina was proud and happy to have said these words. Janet could understand how she felt.

She hoped that Selina could be this optimistic and fearless forever and that she wouldn't let anything change her...

"Okay. I'm leaving now. You can go to my shop with your schoolmates if you have time. I can make some delicious desserts for you!" Janet and Selina waved goodbye at each other.

"Sure. Take care!

"Okay! Go back to your school now."


Since there weren't too many cars in front of the campus gate, Janet smoothly trotted across the road.

She then put her arms around Daniel's waist and complained, "You knew that I tailed after you! Why didn't you wait for me?"

Daniel gently touched her face with his thumb and replied, "I just wanted to know what you would do next."

"Someone told me that you got in your car with a woman. Of course, I wanted to follow you and figure out who the woman was. I worried that she was a sexy woman who would seduce you!" Janet looked up at him and told him what was on her mind.

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