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   Chapter 363 Our Wedding will be Held at the End of the Year

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7488

Updated: 2018-09-18 16:23

'Jane, please help me!' thought Selina.

When the programme was about to start, Daniel, Selina, and the whole production crew went into the studio. Daniel gracefully sat opposite Selina, facing the camera.

Selina took a deep breath, held the microphone, and looked at the interview questions, familiarizing herself with them thoroughly. The show began with a host giving a thorough introduction of Daniel's background.

Then, the round of questions began. The first few were all about SL Group.

Later, Selina spoke with a smile, "I've heard that you're going to marry Janet Shao who is your childhood friend. Is it true?"

Selina had already known the answer to the question, but she still had to ask, since it wasn't clear to the public yet.

When Daniel was reminded of Janet, his expression softened. In front of their TV and computer screens, women around the world got excited. They were jumping up and down, covering their mouths and banging on tables...

Many people envied them because it was rare to see a childhood friendship blossom into a lifelong commitment.

"Yes. Our wedding will be held at the end of the year, and we are going to take our wedding photos in two days."

While watching him in front of the computer, Janet was stunned by his words. She didn't know she was going to get married by the end of the year, Nor did she know that they were going to have a pre-nuptial shoot in two days.

"Wow! Congratulations, Mr. Si. What kind of wedding do you want to hold for Miss Shao?" Selina smiled with joy and sincerely wished Daniel and Janet happiness. They finally could live a happy life after having gone through so much hardship!

Daniel had already started preparing for the wedding. Without much thought, he answered, "I've planned the wedding to have a mix of both Eastern and Western influences. It's also going to be a mix of traditional and contemporary."

He hoped that Janet would wear a phoenix coronet and an embroidered wedding gown.

The broadcasters were considerate toward Daniel, so they only asked him three private questions. The programme ended before he became impatient.

Just as Daniel had gotten in his car, Selina ran to him. Daniel rolled down the car window and said,

. You don't have to tell me!"

Selina couldn't stand Nathalie's attitude any longer. She rolled up her sleeves and began to teach her a lesson. "Selina, Selina."

Ah! To their amazement, Janet appeared right at that moment!

When Selina saw Janet, who wore a light purple coat, run over to her, she was so surprised that she opened her mouth wide.

Nathalie and the other schoolmate were also extremely shocked to see Janet.

Janet was closely followed by Roma.

"Jane, why are you here?" When Nathalie heard Selina call Janet 'Jane', she was so surprised that she covered her mouth with one hand.

Janet waved her hand and said, "Forget it. Daniel..."

Before Janet finished her words, Nathalie who was beside her interrupted her and said, "Miss Shao... Oh, sorry. I should call you 'Mrs. Si'. It's very nice to meet you. You're so beautiful!"

Janet slightly smiled back at her.

She also carefully looked at Nathalie and guessed that she was an undergraduate. Nathalie was dressed in sexy clothes and wore heavy makeup, and her body reeked of cigarettes. When Janet saw this, she wondered why Selina be friends with such sort of girl.

Nathalie smugly said, "Mrs. Si, I should tell you this. After Selina interviewed Mr. Si, she tried to seduce Mr. Si. You'd better teach her a lesson!"

Selina looked up and rolled her eyes, feeling very furious. She wondered why there existed such loathsome woman in this world.

"What are you saying?" Janet looked very shocked.

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