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   Chapter 362 Miss Shao Used Mr. Si's Cup

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7607

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"Okay. I have a meeting. You can go to Mother and Father's house tonight to keep our children company. I will try to come home early." Daniel had a lot of things to deal with in the following days. He wanted to handle all his company's affairs as soon as possible.

"Okay. Bye!"

"Bye, honey!"


It was autumn now. Jane's Cake Shop was finally open for business.

Sven, Jerry, and Daniel were all at her shop. Apart from them, Caspar who had just started to do business in C Country, Bill, Brian, the current Senior Colonel, and his wife were also there.

Videos and pictures of these influential people who were at the shop went viral on the internet. At a long wooden table, Daniel gracefully put one of his hand into his pocket, while Sven casually sat on a chair. Jerry and Bill looked dashingly refined, while Brian was in his military uniform. Caspar looked more mature now, but still handsome.

They were all chatting over the different drinks in front of them.

Thousands of people squeezed into Jane's Cake Shop, which covered an area of just a several hundred square meters.

This time, they didn't stop anyone from taking photos. It was good for publicity. They just hired a lot of bodyguards to protect them if anything happened.

Janet was busy managing the shop. She wanted to make the desserts on her own, but since there were too many people here today, she needed to be up and about on the floor more than the kitchen.

Both Nicole and Ivanka were at the shop to serve drinks and take orders...

The influx of customers were simply too much. They needed to accomplish a lot of orders already, and the people still wouldn't stop coming in. Janet even had to ask several bodyguards to help her.

The bodyguards helping Janet were all young and handsome. They attracted even more ladies who went wild with joy. More and more people packed into the shop to be served.

It was only near noon. Janet walked up to Daniel and gave a loud sigh. She then picked up the cup in front of him and drank it up.

The customers in the shop were all surprised at what she just did. They began to talk about her. "Miss Shao used Mr. Si's cup!"

"Right! She must be a happy woman. Look at the diamond ring on her finger. It's so rare and big! It mus

zines of the publisher had also sold out and the advertising video got a high click rating on the Internet.

On the evening of the interview, the moment Daniel, who was dressed in an expensive set of designer suit, appeared at the studio. The audience ratings, online engagement rate, and number of viewers... had set new records.

The journalist who was about to interview Daniel was a young amateur - Selina.

She was still an undergraduate, but Daniel had asked for her to be the interviewer.

Before the exclusive interview started, Selina tensely looked at Daniel and said, "Daniel, I haven't had much experience from outside of my school. Aren't you worried that I might screw up this interview?"

She hadn't graduated yet. Her experience with interviews only went as far as university leaders and school professors.

Beside the fact that she personally knew Daniel, Selina had never expected that her first interview outside of school would be with Daniel, the big shot CEO.

She was so nervous because she would be conducting an interview that would be watched by a tens or even hundreds of millions of people.

Lillian, who was near Selina, patted her on the shoulder and said, "Don't be nervous. Try to forget the camera, and have a casual chat with Daniel. After all, the questions have been prepared in advance. You can refer to the script if you ever get lost with words."

Selina felt helpless.

She couldn't even chat with Daniel properly when she was alone with him on normal days.

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