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   Chapter 361 I'm So Clever

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8067

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Daniel silently moved toward his desk, took out something from the lower drawer, and then left his study.

Standing at the corridor, he called his bodyguards. After that, he opened the bedroom door to make sure his beloved was safe and sound.

Only a dim light from the lamppost outside pierced through the bedroom window. Daniel put his phone on the bedside table and wrapped Janet with a blanket. He then slowly carried her, brought her into the dressing room, and laid her on the sofa.

After kissing her forehead, he walked out of the dressing room.

Silently and slowly, he approached the corner of the balcony. He saw that there were indeed two or three figures, expertly climbing up his balcony.

But that wasn't the worst part. The men were not only climbing up his balcony, but there were also some people ascending his children's balcony next door...

Daniel was beginning to realize how serious the situation was! How dared they approach his mansion!

The well-trained assassins dextrously jumped on his balcony and opened the balcony door.

When the first man came closer to him, Daniel lifted the silenced pistol in his hand and pulled the trigger.

After a soft moan, the man suddenly covered his chest and fell to the floor.

All the other men were shocked, so Daniel took advantage of this moment. He quickly changed his location in the dark.

He took out a dagger and accurately stabbed two other men's chests, one after the other.

The other killers then raised their silenced guns and aimed at the bedroom.

Daniel was in the dark, so they didn't know where exactly he was. They randomly shot around the room.

After a moment of low, muffled noises, the bedroom returned quiet. They didn't know what to do because they knew they were exposed. Daniel was hidden somewhere in the bedroom, so they couldn't get in anymore. One of them instructed in a low voice, "Withdraw!"

But, when the killers had just slid from the balcony down to the ground floor, dozens of bodyguards immediately cornered them and had them under control, without giving them any chance to grab their guns.

Daniel turned on the bedroom lights and scanned his bedroom.

Janet's dressing table, the bedside table, and a crystal ornament were damaged.

Some bullets adorned the wall, while some fell on the floor.

Daniel instructed his bodyguards to send them to the police station. Each of the

e didn't pay attention to the road while going there the night before.

"Mhm, whenever you want to go there, tell me. I'll take you there!" Daniel promised her.

Janet thought for a short while, puzzled, and asked, "Daniel, what did you have for breakfast this morning?"

"What? I had what you had..." said Daniel. It was just a simple Chinese-style breakfast.

"There was no honey in our breakfast. But why are you being sweet right now? Did you ask someone else to teach you how to say these sweet words?" teased Janet.

The man on the other side of the line burst into laughter. Janet was indeed his lovely baby.

"What do you mean? I've always been this sweet whenever I talk to you!" said Daniel. He didn't need to be taught about it. Whenever he saw Janet, he liked to tell her all the sweetest nothings to make her happy!

Janet blushed and said, "But, Daniel, you didn't act like this before."

She remembered he was always cold and rude to her. He even used to wrestle her.

"Well... I took our relationship for granted before. But now, I appreciate all your beauty, skills, and your worth, " said Daniel. He had to cherish their relationship after going through so many difficulties.

"Wow! Who is this? What have you done to my Daniel Si? Why am I talking to Mr. Loverboy?" teased Janet.

Daniel said, "You think so? That's a compliment then!"

"Stop it. I don't want to talk with you anymore. I need to go to my cake shop! I'll come back earlier to take care of our twins tonight." Roma was in the car too, so Janet was too shy to talk sweetly with Daniel on the phone now.

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