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   Chapter 359 Is It A Beast

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7107

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"We're not just having dinner, so we'll take them next time." said Daniel. Today, he had something important to do, so he couldn't take the twins with them.

Janet nodded her head and said, "Are we meeting someone?"


"Then, will we... go out to have fun?" In her mind, she thought that they would probably go to a karaoke place or a romantic park.

"Kind of!" replied Daniel.


Janet then stopped asking.

It was exactly 6:00 PM when the car pulled up. Since it was an autumn evening, it was already very dark outside.

Daniel carried her into his arms and got off the car.

"There is something scary in front of us. Close your eyes and hold me tight!" said Daniel.

"What?" Janet didn't doubt his words, so she immediately did as he said.

Seeing the woman with her eyes closed, Daniel smiled and said, "Good. Keep still, and do not open your eyes."

Janet stretched her arms around his neck, buried her face into his chest, and asked, "Daniel, is it a wild animal?"

Of course not!

"No, " answered Daniel.

"Is it... a ghost?"

Daniel could not help but laugh out loud and said, "No. Don't worry about it. I will tell you when to open your eyes."

After about five minutes, Daniel put Janet down and said, "Jane, you can now open your eyes!"

"Nothing scary now?" Janet was still scared. She was quite easily frightened. She couldn't even kill a cockroach.

"Nothing scary now!" Daniel told her affirmatively.

Janet opened her eyes slowly, but the light in front of her was a little too bright, so it took her a few seconds to adapt.

"Wow!" exclaimed Janet, with her eyes and mouth wide open. She couldn't believe the sight in front of her.

Under the bright light, there was a sea of pink roses swaying in the wind, surrounded by white and pink balloons floating in the air.

In such a beautiful scene, she also saw many familiar faces smiling at her - Sven, Bill, Nicole, Jerry, Selina and Shelly...

Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, Janet realized that she was standing on a red carpet. Beside her was a table filled with alcohol and a big, pink ca

e up north of the city. The field of flowers was planted by Daniel for you long time ago."

Surprised, Janet looked at Daniel, who had a faint smile on his face. Daniel didn't say anything, so she took it as an affirmative.

Since the moment he knew that Janet liked pink roses, he decided to bring in some rose varieties from abroad to create a sea of flowers for her. He had intended to hold the wedding ceremony here.

But when he found out about Janet's dream hotel, he changed his mind and decided to propose her here instead.

Janet held his hands tight, looked directly into his eyes, and said, "Daniel, thank you!"

She felt so happy...

Daniel smiled, held her hand back, and said, "I am your husband. You don't have to thank me. It's my duty to make you happy."

Though he wouldn't mind that she paid him back in some specific ways.

Hearing the warning in his tone, Janet hastily drew back her hand and said, "Okay. I won't say it again."

A wide variety of western dishes were served. Everyone picked up their forks and knives and started eating.

The well-trained waiters were wearing white gloves, pouring red wine for everyone.

"Is there a restaurant nearby?" she asked Daniel.


Sven was cutting the steak for his wife and then told Janet, "The restaurant will be opening soon. We're being given the privilege of having the first taste of the chef's cooking tonight!"

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