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   Chapter 358 City of Rose

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8008

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... Janet looked at the man and said, "Okay, I know. Be mindful of your wound, and don't forget to take your medicine on time. Daniel, if you don't, I swear I would get angry with you!"

Daniel rolled his eyes, finally nodded, and promised, "Okay, I will!"

"You can go now, " urged Janet. She watched him go inside his car and drive away.

As Daniel's car moved farther and farther away, Janet suddenly remembered that Daniel had told her their rings would be finished in half a month.

Since then, only a week had passed! Janet sighed, 'Okay... I still have to wait another week!'

Then, Janet, who was followed by Roma, went into her cake shop. Since she couldn't deal with the shop these past few days, Daniel had arranged for people to handle the renovations. When she entered her shop, Janet found that it had already been spruced up. She could already start buying her equipment and have them in place.

She also didn't need to concern herself with hiring employees because Daniel had that covered, too. She would have enough workers whenever she would like to open her shop.

Janet strolled around the shop and then went to the market to buy equipment and other necessities.

Earlier this morning, as they walked out of her house, Daniel demanded that she should use his credit card to buy the equipment for the shop.

Janet refused, but Daniel said, "You're already 27 years old. If you still use father's money, he will get mad and break ties with you!"

... Of course, she knew the 'father' he mentioned was Samuel!

She also had understood that Daniel wasn't serious. Samuel might even be glad that his daughter still depended on him.

'Fine!' After thinking it through, Janet finally decided to use Daniel's money. Anyway, he had a lot to spare. Even if she spent tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars, he wouldn't mind it at all.

After she had bought some equipment and had come out of the market, Janet happened to notice a building undergoing construction. It was almost finished.

The building was named 'City of Rose'.

It looked splendid from the outside. The building was decorated with rose details on the outside and rose-shaped trinkets on the inside. The decor stayed true to the name.

She asked Roma to stop the car on the opposite side of the road. She watched the workers brushing paint. She wondered when this building began c

l for her.

"No, next time... We'll kiss next time!" said Janet.

"Okay. How about ten kisses a day? What do you think?" asked Daniel.

"No, Daniel, I'm serious. I really don't want it... Ah..." Instantly, her red lips were kissed hard by Daniel.

After a long while, Daniel let her go and said, "Then, I'll kiss you myself, okay? Each kiss is worth one hundred million."

He would pay for it himself.


Daniel was really stubborn and naughty at times...

"Tell me. Why did you ask me to come to your company?"

Janet suddenly changed the topic. She wouldn't mention about the hotel before him again. Anyway, he might forget about it since he was always too busy.

Daniel looked at his wristwatch and saw that it was ten minutes past five. He said, "Let's go. I'll take you somewhere."

"Okay!" Janet then followed him out of his office.

When Spark saw them coming out, he greeted, "Hello, Mr. Si and Mrs. Si!"

"... Hello Spark!" Janet greeted back. She waved to him and thought how Spark really treated Daniel well! Spark had always been obedient to Daniel. Now, he always called her Mrs. Si.

Daniel said, "Go and get my car ready. We'll wait for you at the company entrance!"

"Yes, Mr. Si!"

Spark immediately grabbed the car keys and walked toward the elevator.

This time, Daniel was driving a red Lamborghini. Janet didn't know that he had red sports car.

"Where are we going? Are we having dinner? Let's bring our daughters, " said Janet. As she looked out of the car window, Janet talked to the man next to her. Daniel looked quite happy today.

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