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   Chapter 355 We could be with Minus Distance

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6510

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With a sly smile, Daniel grumbled, "How could I dare bully you?"


Not only Janet, but Sally was also stunned by his words.

Sally really admired Janet. She had never imagined that someone could make her brother this obedient.

"Not that... I was just wondering how you and Jerry love each other so much!" teased Janet. She couldn't help but smirk.

Daniel moved closer to her and shamelessly said, "I love you more, Janet. We could be with minus distance."

Huh? What did he mean?

Puzzled, Janet was about to ask him, but she dismissed the idea as soon as she saw his smug face.

She knew that he was thinking of something dirty.

At nine o'clock in the evening, it was bedtime for the elders and the babies. They all said their goodnights and went to their rooms.

Janet washed the twins' feet and carried them to Samuel's room.

Samuel and Ella accompanied the twins playing on the bed, while Janet went to Melody's room to look for Daniel.

The moment she opened the door, she froze at the sight in front of her.

Melody was sitting on a chair, looking kindly at Daniel, who was washing her feet.

Janet covered her mouth and bit her lip to hold her sobs. She had never thought that Daniel would wash her great-grandmother's feet by himself. She was ashamed of herself because she had never even done it.

She felt so lucky to have met a good man like Daniel.

Janet ran to Jerry and Sally's room and knocked on the door. It was Jerry who opened the door for her. "What's up?" he asked.

Janet hugged his brother and said, "Thank you, Jerry!"

She thanked Jerry for giving her ID card to Daniel, so that she could be his legal wife.

Jerry, bewildered by her sudden move, looked at her and asked, "Jane, what's wrong? What did I do?"

"You've always been so good to me! You are very dear to me, Bro!" said Janet. Then, Janet ran toward her great-grandmother's room again and smiled widely as she pushed t

topped smiling, cast a stern look at Daniel, and said, "Daniel, you are an excellent man, and you can give her a good life. Protect her forever, and she will take care of you for always."

'Protect her forever, and she will take care of you for always.' What beautiful words!

Melody used to be a teacher. She had read a lot of romantic books.

When she was young, there had been a man who had said those beautiful words to her.

But he had passed away and failed to protect her forever...

Now she placed all her hopes on the younger generations.

Not only on Janet and Daniel, but also on Sally and Jerry. She expected that these two couples would be happily married in their whole lives.

"Great-grandma, I will live up to your expectations, " promised Daniel. Daniel had disdained romantic words like those, but hearing them now, beside the woman he loved, he was at awe by how beautiful they were.

Janet lowered her head; a drop of tear fell from her face.

The warm tear fell on the back of Daniel's hand. Daniel raised her chin and frowned, "Janet, don't you remember my words?"

Janet shook her head, "I didn't mean to cry.

I was just too moved."

"Then, stop crying, " said Daniel tenderly. He wiped her tears with his thumb; her tears always made his heart ache.

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