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   Chapter 354 You've Betrayed Your Own Sister for Blind Wealth

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8634

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Dinner was soon prepared, and as the dishes were placed on the table, Jerry also entered the mansion and joined them.



"Uncle Jerry!"

John, together with the twins, ran up to Jerry and warmly greeted him.

Jerry held up the twins in his arms, and said, "Hello, Melissa and Michelle! John, how are you doing at school lately?"

"I'm doing quite well! Brother-in-law praised me just now!" answered John, with a proud voice.

While he brought the twins into the dining hall, Jerry raised his brows, and said, "John, you're already calling him brother-in-law!"

"Of course! He is indeed my brother-in-law!" said John. He then turned to Daniel, and asked, "Brother-in-law, am I right?"

While gently patting him on the head, Daniel answered, "Yes, you're right!"

John cheerfully looked at Jerry, and said, "You and Janet are not treating me as well as my brother-in-law is. I'll have to betray you and stand by his side from now on!"

Jerry teased him, "Fine! Go ahead! Do you need me to throw you into his arms?" Jerry's careless appearance made John shut his mouth.

Jerry then put the twins on their little safety chairs, and took his own son from Sally's arms. He said, "Didn't I tell you not to hold our son too often?"

Sally was still weak because of the delivery, and she was not supposed to use too much of her strength.

She gently pinched her son's nose and complained to Jerry, "I'm fine. Your son did a poo poo and made my trousers dirty today!" said Sally.

"You're his mother. How can you be afraid of your own son's poo?" asked Jerry. After that, he kissed Sally's forehead to comfort her.

Sally suddenly got shy and pushed him away from her, and in a low voice, said, "Everybody here is looking at us. Go and wash your hands, we're ready to have dinner."

Jerry passed his son to the babysitter next to him and went to wash his hands.

At the dinner table, Ella and Samuel were taking care of the twins, while Janet was busy picking food for Daniel and Melody.

Soon enough, Daniel's plate was filled up with all sorts of food.

Daniel picked some pork ribs and put them on her plate, and said, "Stop picking food for me, I can do it by myself."

His left arm was wounded, but he could still pick the food with his right arm.

"Fine!" Janet ate her pork ribs, and then picked up food for Melody again.

The atmosphere around them was very warm. The elders and children all enjoyed themselves together, and they felt satisfied to see each other's smiling faces at the table.

After dinner, the whole family



Janet took out a piece of wet tissue and wiped her mouth. She then angrily pointed at Jerry, and scolded, "Jerry Shao, you really have the nerve to put the blame on me? You've betrayed your own sister for blind wealth, and don't forget that I haven't yet gotten even with you about that! How could you possibly do such a thing!"

'Jerry has betrayed Janet for wealth?' wondered Ella.

She asked, "What did you mean with that?" While putting a lichee's flesh into Michelle's mouth, Ella looked at both Jerry and Janet.

Janet answered, "Mom, please ask my brother. Oh, no! He is now Daniel's brother! He always betrays me! I've been sold to Daniel by him. Mom, did you know that? Daniel succeeded in secretly registering our marriage certificate, with none other than your son's help!" Finishing her words, Janet took a lichee and aimed it at Jerry. She was ready to throw it to him at any time.

Daniel cut in, and said, "Your brother has done all of that for your own good!"

Jerry immediately echoed, "That's right! You're ungrateful, and you don't know my careful thoughts about you!"

Daniel was perfect in Jerry's mind. He was wealthy, powerful, well-built, the only perfect man that could be a good match to his own sister!

And of course, the most important fact was that Daniel really loved his sister!

"..." Janet put the lichee back on the table, turned around, and stared at Daniel.

"What's wrong? I'm just speaking the truth!" said Daniel.

"Daniel, who have you married? My brother, or me? Why are you always standing by my brother's side and bully me with him?" asked Janet. She thought to herself, 'If Jerry had been born a woman, Daniel would have married him for sure!'

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