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   Chapter 353 Brother-in-law Is Our Family Member

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"Okay! We'll be preparing the dinner then. Drive safe!" Ella joyfully hung up, and then walked into the kitchen and started getting busy.

Daniel gave Janet's phone back, and said, "I'm fine, don't worry about it. I just have a little trouble moving my left arm around, but it doesn't matter."

"Okay. If the wound hurts, you should tell me. You don't have to foolishly endure the pain." She was worried that Daniel would bear the pain anyway just to save face.

Daniel smoothed her long fair hair, and replied, "Okay."

In the evening, Daniel tried to call Sven before leaving the ward, but Sven's assistant answered, and told him that he had just entered the operating room.

"Tell him that I left. I'll contact him if anything happens."

"Okay, Mr. Si!"

When Janet got into the car, she felt that she seemed to be forgetting about something important.

After thinking about it for some time, she still couldn't figure out what that was. Melissa asked Daniel, "Father, do you really have to take that bitter medicine?"

... When she heard Melissa's words, Janet finally remembered. After she had come out of the ward's bathroom, she had failed to find the medicine that Sven had brought with him. The medicine... seemed to be... lost!

While she was sullenly fixing her gaze on Daniel, he was also looking at her, but with joyful eyes.

Janet sarcastically asked him, "Where's the medicine?"

Daniel pointed at the hospital building, and replied, "It's in the drawer."

When the nurse had helped him dress his wound earlier, he had asked Janet to go away from him. He did that for two purposes: first, that he didn't want Janet to see his terrible wound, and second, he... hated to take medicine!

Janet then got out of the car, closed the door and went back upstairs to the ward.

After she got back there, she searched the drawer and found the medicine that Sven had brought with him.

She then took out some pills according to the daily dosage, and carried them in her hand. She put the rest of the pill bottles inside her coat pocket, and after that she went to pour a cup of water and walked out of the ward.

Inside the car

With an inscrutable face, Daniel looked at the pills and the cup of water in Janet's hand for a long time, unable to reply.

"Daniel, your own two daughters are watching you! Do you really want them to know you as a coward, that you're afraid of takin

led her lips when she saw Daniel and John chatting so pleasantly with each other.

"You two are almost twenty years apart. What are you talking about?"

Daniel and John looked at each other, and then John told his sister, "It's a secret kept only between two men!"

"Oh, and how old are you? Your teeth are still growing in your mouth, how could you ever say that you're a man! You should work hard and train ever harder, and after a dozen years or so have past, then you can say that you've become a true man!"

Janet patted John on his head and then walked up to Melody and greeted her.

When John saw Melody, he immediately complained, "Great-grandmother, look, my sister is always arguing with me. Brother-in-law is a lot more kinder to me than she is!"

Janet angrily looked at John, who was just a few years older than her daughters were, and said, "You brat! How can you say good words about other people, instead of your own sister?"

"Other people? Brother-in-law is our family member!"

When he heard John, Daniel was very, very pleased. He gave him the thumbs-up sign, and said, "John, you're really great!"

John was drunk with joy while he was being praised by his excellent brother-in-law.

At their school, Daniel was an aspiring idol for many students. John felt even more cheerful because the students' idol was his brother-in-law.

"Great-grandmother, how have you been feeling lately?" Janet, her daughters, and John stood beside the cradle to play with Felix.

Daniel then sat down beside Melody, and watched them playing happily, and laughing and having a good time.

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