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   Chapter 352 Think It over Again

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7599

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The nurse, whose children were already teenagers, was standing next to Daniel and timidly looking at him.

Janet carefully looked at Daniel's arm, while the nurse was tying his bandage. All of a sudden, Daniel asked Janet, "Jane, could you bring me a water bowl?"

'What? A water bowl? For what?'

Janet was still angry, and at first wanted to refuse Daniel, but she unconsciously followed his order and went to the bathroom.

When he saw Janet walking to the bathroom, in a low voice, Daniel asked the nurse, "Hurry!"

"Yes, Mr. Si!" The nurse began to clean his wound and prepared the new bandage.

When Janet returned from the bathroom with the water bowl, Daniel's arm had been already bandaged.

When the nurse left, Janet quietly put the bowl in front of Daniel.

He gestured to her that his shirt was not on him.

Janet walked closer to him, and whispered, "You're hurt, and you don't need to wear this shirt now; you should wear patient clothes. Do you want to seduce the pretty nurses with your nice shirt?"


Daniel pinched her cheek, and said, "Jane, everything that I've done is wrong for you, isn't it?"

"Right or wrong, it's none of my business. Isn't it?" Janet furiously stared at him, but her gestures were more gentle.

After he got dressed in his shirt, Daniel held Janet's hand, put it on his chest, and asked her, "Do I need to tell you whether what I've done is related to you or not?"

"... Daniel, you're such a rascal!" Daniel's warm chest made Janet blush, and she pulled her hand and stood few steps back.

"What are you thinking of? I just want you to help me button up." said Daniel.


Now that Daniel was wounded, Janet had to help him button up his shirt.

"Daniel, are your buttons… gold plated?"

Gold plated buttons? Were his shirt buttons plated with a layer of gold? Of course they weren't, because Daniel wouldn't wear cheap things like that. He corrected her, and said, "No, they're made from solid gold."


After she helped him button his shirt, Janet put his hand on the bowl. Daniel asked, "Bring me some liquid soap."

... Janet sat up and quickly got the liquid soap from the bathroom.

Sven was generous, because the liquid soap in the hospital was imported from overseas.

ing that a father's daughters are the only 'warm jacket' that he'll ever need, is completely true. The two daughters cared and worried about Daniel a lot, especially when they saw him on a hospital bed.

Daniel was touched by his daughters, and gently said to them, "Daddy is fine, little ones. Come here, let's play some games together!"

Then he cleaned his table, put his computer and documents aside, and started talking with his twins.

Janet was holding the younger one, siting on the bed. Looking at the happy twins, she was touched by the scene and instantly became happier.

In the evening, Janet got a call from Ella. "John is back home, and your father and I are preparing a dinner. You, Daniel, and the twins should come to our place tonight, and have a nice dinner together."

"Ha? Tonight? Well... Daniel is a little busy..." Considering Daniel's wound, Janet didn't tell their parents about it because she didn't want them to worry about him.

Daniel understood why Janet hesitated, and he took the phone from her, and said, "Ella, it's me, Daniel."

"Well, Daniel, I didn't know you were with Jane."

"Yes, I am."

"John has come back home, and I wanted you to have dinner with us tonight, but since Jane said you're busy, never mind about it, it's okay." Ella knew that Daniel was busy almost all the time, and she understood.

"No, we're actually free. I'll bring them home then."

Janet pulled Daniel's sleeve to stop him, but Daniel lightly shook his head to disapprove her.

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