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   Chapter 351 Mr. Si is So Handsome and Loving

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8248

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The look on Janet's face instantly changed, and she looked at Daniel with her eyes burning bright with rage.

Daniel cast a warning glance at Sven, but Sven smiled, and instead continued to tell Janet, "He had to do it. He was alone with Shirley in the car at that time, and when Shirley was about to get stabbed, Daniel pulled her away, and the dagger went into his arm instead."

While answering his phone, Daniel looked at the two people sitting on the sofa, whispering to each other, and suddenly had a bad feeling.

Not knowing what Sven was talking to Janet, all of a sudden Daniel saw the initial tender look in Janet's eyes turn into a blazing rage.

He quickly finished speaking on the phone, "Ask them to decorate everything according to my strict initial requirements. I'll go and check them myself tomorrow. That's it for now, and if there are any other problems, contact me again later at any time! Bye!" He finished uttering his words over the phone, and without giving the man on the other side of the line any chance to speak, he hung up.

As soon as he saw Daniel putting his phone back inside his pocket, Sven immediately stopped speaking.

Before Daniel came near them in the ward, Sven quickly said to Janet, "Jane, remember to watch him take his medicine!"

Soon enough after, Sven disappeared from the ward, and Janet was pretty shocked by his swiftness.

Daniel held Janet from the sofa and asked her to sit on his legs, but the woman refused him instantly!

"Is Sven stirring up trouble between us again?" asked Daniel. He gripped her wrists, to prevent her from moving away from him.

Janet struggled and eventually got rid of his right hand. She then pulled Daniel's right arm sleeve, and indeed, there she saw a scar on his elbow.

He figured out what Sven had told Janet.


"Don't call me like that!" she yelled. She was jealous! And she was also feeling uncomfortable with the whole thing!

Why did Daniel have to risk his life to save a woman who had betrayed her?

Looking at the angry look on her face, Daniel tittered, and said, "It won't happen a second time, alright?"

When he found out that Shirley had always tried to stir up trouble between them, Daniel had decided to be merciless with her.

That meant that he wouldn't even look at her even if she was dying in front of him.

Janet confronted him, and said, "Daniel, are you always sacrificing your life to save other women, huh?" 'You'v

slightly trembling, she immediately ran out of the ward.

Daniel was still talking with Sven on his phone. He said, "You'll compensate by paying with your hospital shareholdings. One percent of your shares for each one of Janet's teardrops!"


Hearing him, Janet thought, 'What a dishonest businessman! He's absolutely nothing else than a dishonest businessman!' Janet had now seen with her own eyes how cunning Daniel really was!

On the other end of the line, Sven had just entered his office. When he heard Daniel's, he immediately leaned against the wall, and protested, "Daniel Si! I'm your friend!"

'How many teardrops have poured from Janet's eyes? Thousands? She's such a cry baby! Does he think that I'll hand her the hospital just like that?' thought Sven.

"You said we are good friends, but don't you know that you shouldn't have flirted with your friend's wife?" asked Daniel.

Sven kept on mumbling his protests, and said, "Hey! When did I ever flirt with your wife? Daniel, please be more responsible with how you use your words!"

Janet couldn't tolerate their conversation anymore, and she took away his phone, and said, "Sven, just forget about it! Everything's okay now. That's it, bye!"

The call ended, and Sven looked at his phone with a puzzled look on his face. He felt that he had been fooled by the couple.

Then, moments later, an older nurse came in and helped Daniel change his bandage.

Janet silently stood next to him, and helped Daniel take off his shirt.

When she saw the man's strong chest, Janet's face instantly flushed red, and thought that Daniel was indeed a great temptation!

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