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   Chapter 350 You Seem to Have A Hearing Problem

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7947

Updated: 2018-09-17 09:37

Janet was touched by Daniel's words and held him tight. She then said, "Daniel, why are you so kind to me?"

She felt really happy at that moment.

Daniel kissed her red lips, and said, "Silly girl, I haven't done anything for you, but you still say that I'm kind. I'm complacent!"

He hadn't even proposed to her, held a wedding ceremony or given her a happy family yet...

"Do you think that I deserve you and your kindness?" She suddenly became very self-abased. All of things that Daniel owned definitely could make him proud of himself. But she was only supported by her rich family and kind family members. She even thought herself as being useless...

"Janet, you can say that I don't deserve you, but always remember that you deserve me! Don't think about it too much." It wasn't the first time that she had thought of this, and he had to correct her way of thinking again.

"Well... I can't cook... I can't wash clothes... No, I think that I can wash clothes now! I also can't..." She listed all of her shortcomings, and thought that she was pretty stupid!

After he listed her complaints about herself for four or five minutes, Daniel eventually just said, "It's alright if you can only satisfy me!"


Janet pinched his chest hard, and wondered why he always had to think of things like that!

Daniel immediately snorted, but he liked her when she was a little rude and unreasonable.


Annoyed, she said to him, "Call me by my name!"


"Call me 'Janet'!"


"I have to call Sven and ask him to come back here to check on your ears. Your seem to have a hearing problem!" After she uttered these words, she pretended to take her phone out.

Daniel pulled her hand back, and kissed her red lips, and then said, "My dear wife, I love you."

"..." Janet was stunned by his unexpected love confession.

Daniel took advantage of the opportunity and began to press on her body. He was just about to have sex with her on his hospital bed.

When Janet realized what was happening, it was already too late, because she had already been seduced by Daniel's charms.

The following morning

After Janet woke up, she heard Sven speaking in a low voice with Daniel about his injury.

When Daniel saw that Janet had opened her eyes, he cast a cold glance at Sven.

"I've tried to lower my voice as much as I could, "

However, Samuel was going to pick up John, and the twins were at the Leroy Manor.

While she was wondering whether she should send a WeChat message to Harry or not, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Sven entered the ward with some medicine boxes in his hands, and then threw them to the table. Sven saw Daniel answering the phone. So he told Janet, "There are some instructions inside on how to take the medicine. He'll be able to leave the hospital forever! You should remind him to take medicine on time!"

Janet curled her lips, and said, "He's been injured! How can you be so heartless to drive him out of the hospital?"

"He wasn't that badly injured, and he's already gotten used to this sort of thing." When Daniel was still a baby, and still couldn't even walk yet, he had been kidnapped.

Years later, when he had grown older, again he had been kidnapped, assaulted, and taken hostage... Although he had gone through a lot of horrible experiences, he was still alive.

"What do you mean by that? Does he often get injured?" She only knew that he had rescued her twice by now.

Janet then thought she didn't cared enough about him.

She looked at Daniel, who was standing at the balcony, while he was also looking at her...

"Right. He's been assaulted for about... four times during the past three years you weren't by his side..."

"Did he get injured?"

Sven sat down beside her and put his hands into his white coat's pockets while he also crossed his legs. He said, "He got injured once to protect..." He then whispered a name into Janet's ear.

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