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   Chapter 349 I Want to Go Back to the Villa

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 8157

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Samuel knew what his daughter Janet was thinking, and he patted on Harry's back, and said, "Let's go!"

But Harry seemed to be angry, and satirically said, "I can't believe that you have the nerve to call Jane your wife! You haven't even wedded her! Jane, don't stay with this brat, I can introduce a better man for you!"


Janet almost choked on her own saliva. Was her sworn father really Daniel's biological father?

Her hand was then gripped by Daniel, and she heard him say, "Worry about what you should be worrying about! You don't have to worry about Janet and me! If you don't want the twins to call you grandpa, then I don't mind that either!"

Janet wobbled Daniel's hand to stop him. How could he speak to his biological father, and her sworn father, like that?

"Hey, let me tell you something, little brat! If I have to choose between you and the twins, I will definitely choose the twins! Don't even think otherwise!" replied Harry. Over time, Lola had witnessed many disputes between her husband and son! These were common occurrences in their family.

They must have been enemies in a previous life, because only that could explain the blazing hatred in their eyes each time they faced each other.

"It's really rare to reach a consensus with Mr. Harry over here!" said Daniel, while looking at his father in disdain.

However, although both the father and son would attack each other in their heated arguments, both of them didn't get furious, and both of them never were mad at each other.

Perhaps they just wanted to show off their eloquence from time to time, in a mere empty talk.

When the two elders left, Janet looked at Daniel, and in a discontented voice, said, "How could you speak to my sworn father like that? He came to see you if you were alright and breathing."

"Jane, don't call him your sworn father any longer, you should call him father!"

... Okay! It turned out that Daniel knew that Harry was his father!

Janet rolled her eyes, and while smiling, said, "Well, If you won't contradict my sworn father any longer, then I will call him father!"

"..." Daniel took her into his arms again, and whispered in her ear, "Hey, little girl, are you bargaining with me?"

Janet opened one of his shirt buttons, listened to his heartbeat. She then replied, "I am. Why can't I?"

"I'm always on your side!"

Said Daniel. It was true; who else could have bargained with him excep

one who had hurt Janet escape.

'Ran way?'

"What about Hobson?"

Hearing the name Hobson, Daniel remembered the knife that he had used to stab him. "He's an eunuch now, but he was saved by the others. So, before this Black Moon gang matter is solved once and for all, you'd better keep the bodyguards around you."

He was about to tell her that he wanted to tie her onto his body, but when he remembered the things he had to solve, he abandoned the idea.

Janet was silent for a while, and felt entangled to say, "Do you know who the man... in the mask is?"

Daniel held Janet in his arms tighter when he heard her question, and replied, "Yes, I do, it's Hobson's grandfather. We can tell that he is the man!"

The ward was then filled with silence for a while, and Janet 's face had become much paler. She didn't expect that the man would be Hobson's grandfather, Alex.

What should she do to have her revenge?

"Janet, I've told you that you already have me, and that's all that you'll ever need."

Her thought had been already read by Daniel. She also wondered how could a little girl like her fight a menace like Alex!

"But, I don't want to depend on you, I want to be independent, " said Janet. She would try her best not to hold them back.

Daniel frowned a little. and told his girl, "Listen, you just need to be protected by me; I don't want you to be independent."

If Janet was an independent and strong woman, then what would his job be?

What Daniel wished for was that she would totally depend on him in every aspect, and that she could do nothing without him being there at her side.

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