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   Chapter 348 Three Veterans

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7428

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When Samuel Shao entered the bedroom, he noticed that Ella Bo wasn't there. He thought that she must be in the next room, making the bed for John Shao, because he was coming back for the weekend.

After he changed his clothes, he went to her, and said, "Honey, I'm gonna go out for a while."

Puzzled, she asked while putting the sheets on the bed, "Why? Isn't it too late?"

"Well, it's about work, I have to meet someone, and talk to him today. Honey, go to sleep early and don't wait for me!" said Samuel.

Ella believed him without a doubt. "Okay, do you want me to come with you?" she asked.

"It's all right. You'd better stay at home and take care of Sally and Felix. I'll be back soon enough." He then grabbed his coat, and went downstairs.

"Fine, take care!" said Ella.


Inside the Chengyang Private Hospital

Daniel had been moved to a VIP ward. He was pale, and surrounded by a group of people, while Janet Shao was watching over him with tears in her eyes.

"No big deal... It was just a tiny bullet."

Daniel soothed her, and stroked her hair with his uninjured hand, and smiled at her.

"Jane, there's no need to worry about him anymore, he's strong enough. He didn't even need drugs when we took out the bullet out of him, " said Sven Si, behind his mask.

'What? It must have hurt very badly!' she thought. Tears then began to roll again on her face.

Daniel gave Sven a dirty look, and Sven shrugged. He didn't mean to say that.

"Don't cry, honey. I'm fine now!"

"I can't help it… It must have hurt a lot…" said Janet. She felt her heart slowly tightening. She hated to see him injured because of her…

Jerry Shao was standing beside them with his arms folded across his chest. "Daniel, could you please stop my sister from crying?" he said, pretending to be angry with him.

"Sure!" Daniel replied to him without any sort of hesitation. Then he pulled Janet near him, and pressed his lips over hers.

She stopped her weeping almost in an instant.

"Woah! That's some public display of affection going on here, " said Sven. He waved his hand towards the now red-faced nurses to leave them.

"Daniel, do we need to go and leave the battlefield to you?" tutte

have hidden it from them.

"Oh, yeah, about that, " admitted Daniel. "We'll take care of it. Dad, we need mom and your help in the company, " he continued.

He had more important things to focus on for the time being.

Harry chuckled at him, "Oh, well, you know that I'm your father now. Where was your fury when you questioned if I was your father last time?"

Daniel didn't reply this time. He didn't expect that his father would drag up the past again. 'Grrr!'

"Dad, don't tell mom about this. I'm checking out of here in a couple of days, " said Daniel. He held Janet's hand and stroked her fingers.

But Janet withdrew her hand in embarrassment, and reproached him in her mind for his self-indulgence in front of their parents.

"What did Sven say?" asked Samuel.

"He said that I was fine and that I just needed some time to fully recover, " answered Daniel 'It's just a bullet wound, it's not that bad. I've been shot worse than this before.

What really bothered me was the unimaginably grey days spent without Janet!' thought Daniel to himself.

"Well, alright then. Now that we know that you're not going to die, I suppose that we should be on our way now! Jane, let's go home. Leave him alone!" said Harry, waving his hand towards Janet.

Daniel harked at him, and cried, "What are you saying there?" Looking resentful, he continued, "You can leave, and believe me, I won't stop you, but don't take my wife away from me. She has to stay here!"

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