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   Chapter 347 A Lover is Indeed More Important than A Good Friend

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7587

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Alex Gong didn't have the time to take his revenge, so he had to ask his bodyguards to carry his grandson. Then, he ran after Daniel, who was escaping from the back door.

Outside the door, Daniel was already surrounded by policemen. With a cold look in his eyes, he scowled at Alex coming out.

Alex suddenly had a bad feeling. He heard Sven speaking to the captain of police, "Mr. Xue, the wounded man is Hobson Gong. He is a wanted criminal by the police. And that man with a mask is Hobson's grandfather. He is also involved in some illegal transactions... Look! This door was bombed by a black market grenade from Alex Gong."

Mr. Xue was an army comrade of Sven's uncle, so they were quite acquainted with each other.

Mr. Xue glanced at the three men in front of him. He saw that there was blood on Daniel's gray suit. He guessed that Daniel must have been shot.

Mr. Xue was not stupid. He understood exactly what had happened, judging from the scene around him and the people present.

He also had gotten some reliable information that the man with a mask was Alex Gong, an internationally wanted criminal.

Mr. Xue then nodded to Sven and made a gesture to the policemen behind him, saying, "Take them to the station!"

"Yes, sir!"

Then, dozens of policemen approached Alex and his gang. Alex suddenly put his hand into his pocket to take out something.

Daniel noticed it and saw what was in his hand. Immediately, he shouted at the crowd, "Everyone, back up!"

Alex pulled the wire of a customized firecracker, and in a few seconds before its explosion, all the people ran far away from it.

Sven picked up a piece of smoking firecracker on the ground and threw it onto the car, which Alex was getting in.

One of the bodyguards inside the car was horrified and hastily grabbed the firecracker to throw it out.

The car then drove away at full speed. The firecracker exploded in the air. Fortunately, no one was injured by the explosion.

Alex was indeed bold and savage. He had openly used such dangerous things in public.

He didn't care about other people and looked down upon the police. Mr. Xue silently kept this in mind.

Daniel, Jerry, and Sven talked with Mr. Xue a bit more, before saying goodbye.

Mr. Xue arrested a

e, " answered Daniel.

"How are they doing?" asked Janet.

Then, she heard Sven's voice on the other side of the line, "Jane, you ungrateful woman! You've finally remembered your brother and me! Huh! A lover is indeed more important than a good friend!"

'A lover is more important than a good friend?' Janet's face flushed red.

"Get out!" yelled Daniel. He kicked Sven, who was bandaging his wound.

Janet knew whom he was yelling at. She tittered and asked, "Has Sven done any treatment on your wound?"

"Yes, " said Daniel.

"Okay, then I'll see you at the hospital."


When Janet arrived at Chengyang Private Hospital, Daniel had been sent to the operation room. Sven was in charge of his operation. Jerry was waiting outside.

"Brother, how long has the operation been going on?" asked Janet

Sitting on the bench, Jerry pulled his sister to sit by his side and said, "Take it easy. Sven's there. He'll be fine."

"Okay, " said Janet. With her brother's comfort, Janet had calmed down more.

At Mansion No. 8, while listening to the bodyguards' report, Samuel sighed and called Harry up.

"The kids have grown up. They have kept us in the dark from the dangerous things that they do!" complained Samuel.

Harry silently looked at the papers in his hands and said, "I'm going to the hospital now. Don't tell Lola."

"Fine, I'm going too, " said Samuel.

If the bodyguards hadn't told them that Daniel was wounded, they wouldn't have known about what they were up to.

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