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   Chapter 346 Kill Janet

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6594

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Daniel and Jerry shielded Janet from the incoming bullets and led Janet under the checkout counter of the restaurant.

Janet tugged at Daniel's sleeve and said, "Give me a gun."

Compared to the bullets shooting at her, her shard of ceramic was totally worthless.

Daniel glimpsed at her, fished out a gun from his pocket, and handed it to her.

He knew what was on her mind. He would never allow her to risk her life! Daniel looked into Janet's eyes and said, "Follow me!"

"Bang!" A bullet fired and flew toward them. Daniel held Janet in his arms and darted to a nearby corner for cover.

Then, he pointed his gun at the armed men and pulled the trigger several times.

Several men fell at the sound of the gun.

Before Janet, who was fully protected by Daniel, figured out what just happened.

Daniel had whisked her into the kitchen that was diagonally opposite to the checkout counter.

Daniel pushed her into a corner and then closed the kitchen door, leaving a small gap.

Eight of the ten armed men had fallen. The remaining two, who were wearing body armors, were approaching them cautiously with guns in their hands.

Daniel quickly loaded his gun and fired shots at them, triggering the two men who immediately fired back aggressively.

The glass window on the door flat-out shattered.

Janet, holding the shard, stood up all of a sudden and ran to the other side of the kitchen.

A bullet brushed past her hair and went straight into the wall, missing her by an inch.

"Janet!" Daniel frowned and stared at Janet with a reproachful look.

Why couldn't this woman do as she was instructed to?

Janet shrugged her shoulders and replied with an assuring smile. Hearing the approaching sound of guns, they exchanged a knowing look and started fighting back.

Daniel pointed his gun at one of the men and pulled the trigger, while Janet threw her shard at the other man.


One of them fell the moment he got shot, while Ja

e anxious. 'Will Jerry be arrested by the police?'

"Roma, stop the car. The police-"

"Miss Janet, with all due respect, you'd better leave Boss Si alone. Your presence there would do nothing but distract him."

"No. I am good at martial arts. Let's go back. I promise I won't let Daniel see me!" Grisly thoughts haunted Janet. That man was a demon... He tortured people to death...

"Miss Janet, if you hadn't jumped out of the car and ran into the villa, Boss Si wouldn't have gotten injured." Roma tried to persuade Janet as she kept her eyes on the road.

Boss Si appointed her to protect Miss Janet.

Janet's safety was Roma's full responsibility. If one of them must die, it had to be Roma. It was her duty.

Roma's words calmed Janet down a little. Janet then started to think about how to help Daniel and Jerry.

In the villa

Seeing two armed men carrying Hobson, who was tortured to exhaustion by the women, Daniel grabbed a knife from Sven and threw it directly toward Hobson's crotch.

Hobson, who was about to faint, covered his crotch and let out a scream, "Ahhh!"

Then, the sound of screeching brakes came from the outside. Daniel winked at Jerry, who was busy fighting Alex. Jerry took the hint. He then punched Alex's belly with all his strength and slid down the staircase.

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