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   Chapter 345 I Won't Be In Your Way

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7109

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"Hahaha! How did you know that?" Sven put away his cellphone with a big grin on his face.

Jerry was also in a hurry to end his phone call with Sally, "You can rest first. I will be home soon."

Janet smiled as she heard her brother's gentle words. She said, "Jerry, you should spend more time with Sally. Sometimes, she complains about how bored she is that she wants to leave your house!"

Jerry put away his phone. He replied, "She will never leave me!"

Last time, when he chased her back, she promised him that she would never run away from him again.

Janet chatted with her brother for a while. Then, she turned her attention to Hobson.

Hobson was checking Janet out all this time. He almost had her! Such a shame!

"Jane, aren't you supposed to give him some medicine?" Sven kindly reminded the absent-minded Janet.

This was a dangerous place for her to be in. As soon as Jane was satisfied, they would all bring her away from this place.

Janet nodded. She took out the small bottle which Sven gave her earlier and asked him, "What should I do?"

Sven asked for some water. Carefully and steadily, he opened the bottle and poured some powder into the water. The powder instantly dissolved.

Hobson's mouth was forced open, and then they fed him the concoction.

Hobson's eyes glared with anger. He opened his mouth and asked Janet, "What did you just feed me?"

"Something delicious, of course. Hobson, you have treated me nicely. I am just returning the favour. I am serving you revenge. It tastes better when it's cold!"

Janet's voice was ruthless.

For bastards like Hobson, she did not need to be nice at all.

She turned to her brother and simply said, "Jerry, please bring them in."

Jerry nodded at one of his bodyguards, who quickly went to a room and brought back several prostitutes.

They were all wearing heavy makeup and seductive clothes. Despite being fully made-up, they still looked aged and wrinkled.

Janet leaned toward Hobson and giggled, "Horny women are extremely demanding in bed. I have selected these experienced women from the red light district especially

ry's mind, so without blinking his eyes, he shouted back, "Jerry, you are her brother! You get her out of here!"


Although she was in danger, Janet's heart filled with joy. She was utterly moved by the friendship of these three men.

"Why do you want me out of here? I won't be in your way! I need to fight with you guys!" Janet was confident that she could help them. She had training before.

Daniel gave her a stern look. He took her by the wrist and pushed her toward Jerry. He said, "My sister had just given birth. If you were hurt, no one would be able to look after her! Take my wife, and get out of here through the window over there!"

Some of the armed men were already dashing to their direction. Without further delay, Jerry pulled Janet's wrist and led her to the half-opened window around the corner.

Then, Janet broke off Jerry's grip. She lifted a big vase and smashed it onto the ground. Then, she picked up one sharp piece.

She couldn't run away just like that!

Someone fired at her, but Janet dashed behind some furniture to dodge the bullets.

A dozen people ran toward her direction. She could also see several others head upstairs.

Daniel gaged the enemy's moves. He winked at Sven, and they separated to different directions.

Daniel bravely darted toward Janet and hid her behind his back. Then, he aimed his pistol and shot the first person running toward them.

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