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   Chapter 344 He Knew Janet Best

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7283

Updated: 2018-09-16 10:08

Three years ago, Daniel was framed by Poe. He thought that Janet would have trusted him, but she didn't.

Now, people abused and insulted her because of the scandalous photos. 'Will he still trust me?' Janet thought to herself.

Without hesitation, Daniel proclaimed, "Of course, my little Jane, I will always trust you! I have faith in you!"

Sven and Jerry told him everything. They stopped Hobson in time when he had tried to rape Janet. Besides, he knew Janet best. She would tell him if something had happened.

Even if Hobson had raped her, he wouldn't blame her nor abandon her.

She was a victim, and it was his fault that he wasn't there to protect her.

Janet was moved by his words. She put her arms around Daniel and said, "Thank you, Daniel. Thank you for saying that."

She didn't care about what people had said on the internet because they didn't matter. Plus, people would say malicious words on the internet all the time.

She only cared about what her families, friends, and her beloved thought.

"Sweetie, there's no need to say thank you. It wasn't your fault. I'll handle it and clear your name." Daniel comforted her as he kissed her forehead.

"Okay, " said Janet with a smile.

The photos had been deleted from Weibo. But things remained far from over. Other apps picked them up on the news.

Daniel's extensive social network could help resolve this matter. He told Spark to press charges against the platforms that would report on Janet's photos.

But the photos were seen as an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the apps to gain a wider audience. As a result, they ignored Spark's threat. Although SL Group had tried its best, it failed to stop the spreading of the photos.

Soon after, both their parents knew about it.

A household helper heard about what happened and told Lola. Lola was shocked, so she immediately called Ella to discuss what they could do about it.

But Ella didn't know anything about it.

Harry drove Lola and Janet's two daughters to Janet's house to fix the problem together.

Samuel wanted to understand the situation first. He was worried about his daughter.

"Jane, could you tell me what

s much security.

Daniel ignored them, but Janet greeted them with a smile and went into the building with him.

The bodyguards inside the building also treated them with respect.

All of them called Daniel and Janet, "Mr. Si and Mrs. Si".

"Where am I?" Janet asked Daniel.

'Why did she say that? Didn't she remember this place?' Daniel thought to himself. He looked at Janet weirdly and said, "It's the place where Hobson held you captive."

Janet was surprised and said, "Oh, I was in a coma, so I can't remember anything..." She was drugged by Hobson, so she lost consciousness at that time.

There were a lot of people on the first floor. Sven and Jerry were sitting on the sofa. One of them was playing a video game, while the other was making some phone calls. Hobson lay on the floor, wounded.

Janet's face went pale as soon as she saw Hobson. She put her arms around Daniel.

She really hated Hobson, but she feared him at the same time.

She was scared because Hobson had drugged her. Meanwhile, She was completely disgusted at him because he had tried to rape her, twice.

Feeling Janet's grip tighten, Daniel looked at Hobson with a colder expression.

He patted her hands and said, "Honey, it's okay. I'm here with you."

Janet nodded.

Sven reclined on the sofa, played with his phone, and asked, "Jane, Daniel, you guys are late."

"You just arrived five minutes earlier than us." Daniel glared at Sven.

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