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   Chapter 343 What Are Those Photos on Weibo

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7043

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Without looking at Shirley, the staff at the front desk followed Janet to the CEO's private elevator and helped her press the button for the 88th floor.

After the elevator door closed, Janet's indifferent face turned sad.

She still felt bitter when she thought of Shirley.

Apart from Angela, Sally, and Selina, she had regarded Shirley as her best friend.

When she was still in school, many of her classmates didn't want to make friends with her, but Shirley did.

She thought she and Shirley would be best friends forever. When she had found out that Shirley was pregnant, Janet also wanted to get married and give birth to a child, so their children would become sworn brothers or sisters, or they could arrange marriage for them... ...

She didn't expect that Shirley would replace their decades of friendship with a man.

Janet remembered the night of a Mid-Autumn Festival a few years ago. Sharing a blanket, she and Shirley sat by a river in America until midnight, just to admire the moon.

When they couldn't stand the cold any longer, they ran to a nearby Internet cafe. As they were about to rent computers for the night, a man asked them to use his computers instead because he was ditched by a friend.

They spent the whole night there, without paying for the computers. Then, at about 7 AM, they went back to their dormitory and spent the whole day sleeping on one bed, while hugging each other...

The elevator quickly arrived at the 88th floor. Janet composed herself, took a deep breath, and walked out of the elevator.

'Janet, don't be softhearted...' she reminded herself.

When Spark saw Janet, he immediately walked up to her and said, "Hello, Mrs. Si, you're here!"

Janet furrowed her brows and said, "Don't call me that. After all, your Mr. Si has yet to make a public announcement about our relationship."

While uttering these words, Janet opened Daniel's office door.

Daniel heard what Janet said. He put down his pen and walked up to Janet with a smile on his face. "What's up?"

Spark glanced at Daniel and said, "Nothing, Mr. Si. I just called he

e article was entitled, "Janet Shao, Samuel's daughter and Daniel's girlfriend, had an affair with another man!"

She also saw nine photos where Hobson was pressing on her body.

Although she was wearing clothes, Hobson was half-naked. It definitely was a scandalous photo...

In one of those photos, her face could be seen clearly. The other photos seemed to be screenshots from a video.

The news was posted an hour ago, but there were already more than a hundred thousand comments. They were all reproachful words against Janet.

As she browsed through the vile comments, an error page suddenly popped up.

Janet searched her name again, but it all disappeared.

It must have been deleted by someone.

She knew that only Daniel could do something so quickly...

She held her phone and went out of the lounge. Daniel was speaking on the phone in a cold, low voice, "... Figure out who posted it and trace the IP address... From an Internet cafe? Then, browse through all the surveillance footages..."

When he saw Janet's pale face, he suddenly stopped speaking.

"Contact me if you have any news."

Daniel hung up, threw his phone to the desk, walked toward Janet, and held her in his arms. "Jane..."

When he saw the expression on her face, he guessed that she had already known what happened.

"Daniel, do you still trust me?" Janet, who was in his arms, looked up at him.

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