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   Chapter 342 My Wife Has Already Forgiven Me

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7644

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"What about Marcia?" Perplexed, Janet looked at Daniel.

"I've terminated our contract with her and had her fired, " said Daniel. Marcia had failed in protecting Janet, so Daniel couldn't employ her anymore.

Janet protested, "Daniel, it's not Marcia's fault. How could you fire her?"

"Jane, don't be bothered by it. Just relax and go to Sven's hospital right now, and then come to my company after, okay?" urged Daniel.

He hadn't hung up his phone yet, and he needed to get back to it. He winked at Sven. Then, Sven walked Janet out of the manor.

"How can Daniel do this?" yelled Janet. She curled her lips with discontent and turned around to glance at the man, who was still talking on his phone.

Daniel was looking at her too. He saw the angry look in her eyes and tittered.

Sven moved his eyes away from his son and said to Janet, "That's how the world works. Marcia didn't fulfill her duty, so there was no reason for Daniel to keep her."


Sven's Bugatti Veyron was parked outside the manor, and behind it were two Mercedes-Benz vehicles. When Janet came out of the manor, a woman with short black hair went up to her and said, "Hello, Miss Shao. I'm your new personal bodyguard. My name is Roma."

Janet smiled and greeted, "Hello, Roma."

Then, they all sat in Sven's car and went to Chengyang Private Hospital, with the two Benz cars in tow.

In the hospital

After being disinfected and cleaned, Janet put on a sterile lab coat and followed Sven into his private laboratory. She felt dizzy seeing so many bottles of medicine.

"So, what kind of drugs do you want?" asked Sven. He pointed at a shelf nearby. Each of the bottles had a sticker on it, but Janet didn't understand what was on them.

She said, "I want to give Hobson a taste of his own medicine. Doesn't he love women? Let's torture him with a strong aphrodisiac!"

Sven tittered, picked up a bottle, handed it to Janet, and said, "Take this one. Give him a double dose. He will definitely feel overwhelmed with lust!"

Janet opened the white bottle filled with capsules. She asked, "Sven, why do you have this kind of drug?"

"For emergency purposes..." answered Sven.

'And in times like these, ' thought he.

"Okay!" answered Janet.

Sven thought that Janet would hav

e... Okay, forget it. I will have people on it right now, " said Jerry. He then hung up.

But before he actually did anything, Jerry called Daniel up.

"Is Jane insisting on going with you tonight?" asked Jerry.

"Yes, I don't know how to convince her otherwise, " answered Daniel. Alex Gong was daring. He might come to save his grandson, no matter what.

If Alex showed up, then things would definitely go south.

Jerry asked, "What time are you going tonight? I'll go with Sven." Jerry worried about his sister's safety.

"After Jane and I have dinner, " said Daniel.

"Okay, got it."

After his call with Daniel, Jerry then arranged for someone to find the people Janet had wanted him to.

A pharmacist went in Sven's office and handed Janet some more bottles of drugs. Then, together with Roma, she left the hospital and went to the SL Group.

When she just arrived at the company entrance, Janet bumped into Shirley.

"Janet, can we talk?" As they were about to walk past with each other, Shirley suddenly held Janet by her hand.

Janet had learned from Sabina, so she didn't trust Shirley now.

She said, "No, we can't!" With a cold expression on her face, Janet shook away Shirley's hand and went inside the building.

The receptionist saw Janet and immediately welcomed her.

But, before Janet could get inside the elevator, Shirley caught up with her.

"Let's talk in one of the meeting rooms, can we?" asked Shirley.

Janet ignored her words and went directly toward the elevator.

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