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   Chapter 340 Who am I in Your Mind

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 6969

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Sven said in a proud voice, "Why did you ask her to keep her distance from me? Jane and I are childhood friends. Jane, come here! Let me hug you!"

'How dare you flirt with my wife in front of me!' thought Daniel angrily. Instantly, his face darkened.

Sven stood in the room with his back against the door, while Daniel was facing the doorway. When he saw a woman suddenly show up there, Daniel put on a cunning smile and said, "Sven, childhood playmates... Wow, you guys indeed have a good relationship!"

"Of course! We have known each other for decades and grew up together ever since we were babies. Our relationship is rock solid. My mother even wanted me to marry Jane at some point!" It was true, but their friendship hadn't developed romantically.

Maybe because they were too familiar with each other, having known each other since they were kids.

They only treated each other as siblings, not as a boyfriend or girlfriend.

"Then, why didn't you marry Jane?" asked Daniel. Janet was confused by Daniel's words and wondered where he was going with this.

Sven wasn't aware that he had fallen into Daniel's trap. He still continued his nonsense and complained, "I wanted to marry Jane, but Jane had fallen in love with you, so what can I do? Huh!"

Finishing his words, Sven covered his chest to show his remorse in an exaggerated way.

"What if I wasn't in the picture?" Devoid of any emotion on his face, Daniel looked at this pretentious actor. ...

Sven answered, "If it weren't for you, I would've gotten married with Jane, this good girl..."

When Janet turned around to glare at Sven, she happened to notice the woman standing at the doorway. Instantly, Janet understood what Daniel was doing. She covered her mouth and called out, "Nicole..."

Sven froze. 'Oh, shit!'

Sven finally realized that he was trapped by Daniel!

"Daniel, you asshole!" Sven was so furious that his hands trembled. He then hastily went up to his wife and coaxed, "Nicole..."

Pouting, Nicole stared at Sven, turned around, and left the study room. Sven instantly foll

pieces of orange on the table and put them all into Daniel's mouth.

She said, "Shut your mouth! Don't say a word! Don't you dare get mad at me again!"

Daniel didn't fight back. He accepted the pieces of orange in his mouth.

After squeezing some more inside, Janet waited for him to speak. She felt frustrated. 'You bad man, why aren't you uttering a word?' thought she. She joked, "Oh, I haven't washed my hands yet! I just did a number two in the toilet!"


Daniel instantly stopped chewing the orange.

His facial expression turned into disgust, which made Janet burst into laughter.

When Daniel was about to go toward the dustbin, Janet said, "Oh, I remember. I did wash my hands with soap."

... Daniel hesitated and wondered whether he should spit the orange out or swallow it.

He then held the woman, who was trying to control her laughter, into his arms.

"Ah... Daniel... you're disgusting... I don't want to eat... Ah... No..." A piece of orange was passed into her mouth. Janet struggled out of his arms. She went to the dustbin and spat it out.

Daniel's face finally returned normal. Janet looked at him with contempt and said, "Don't you feel disgusted..."

Daniel glared at her, so Janet instantly shut up.

'Huh! You did it on purpose!' thought she.

Janet sat back on his legs. Daniel gestured her to get some tissue and wipe his mouth.

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