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   Chapter 339 I Am A Respectable Doctor

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7349

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If she had known Harry and Lola were waiting for them downstairs, she would have come for breakfast sooner.

"Nope. I enjoy the moment with you in the bedroom."


He was quite smart.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

"Daddy, Mommy!" As soon as the twins downstairs noticed them, they screamed with joy and ran towards them with their chubby little legs.

Harry was on the phone nearby, while Lola chased after the twins with a big smile.

No one knew how Daniel felt right now. But deep inside, he was utterly thrilled, even more excited than the time when he first met his eldest daughter.

The two adorable girls flew into his arms, calling him "Daddy". At this moment, his heart was filled with happiness.

"My girls!" Daniel held the twins tightly on each arm.

"Daddy, you knew about Melissa already?"

"Daddy, you knew about Michelle already?" The twins asked him the same question at the same time; they usually thought alike.

"Yes, I already know. I am very happy, " Daniel honestly shared his feelings with the twins.

"Daddy, I am happy, too!"

"Daddy, I am happy, too!"

The girls circled around his neck. Their giggles made his heart melt.

Janet fondly gazed at them. Her heart was beating fast. She felt guilty for keeping the secret way too long. How could she do this to Daniel? Why didn't she tell Daniel the truth that she had twins with him?

"Jane, are you hungry? I have asked the kitchen to prepare dinner. It should be ready soon!" Lola pulled Janet to her side.

"It is fine, Mother*. I am not in a hurry." Janet felt a little bit awkward.

She and Daniel spent too much time upstairs. Everyone knew what they were doing.

Harry ended the call and turned to Jane, "I have invited a Michelin chef from abroad to cook for you tonight. Let's see what special dishes he would prepare for you."

Janet noticed the concern in his voice. Her face turned red as she nodded, "Thank you..."

Daniel opened his mouth and reminded her, "You should now refer to my dad as Dad, too! Don't you think so? Jane?"


Janet's face got even redder. She pouted as she quickly glanced at Daniel. Lola was amused at her reaction. She took her hand and said, "No

slaughter Hobson herself!

"Fine, " Seeing her determined face, Daniel agreed.

Janet cast a glance at Sven, as if she was planning something for him.

Noticing her calculative gaze, Sven felt cold sweats forming on the back of his neck. He then asked, "Why are you staring at me like this?"

"Sven, I want to treat Hobson the way he treated me. Do you have something that I can borrow?"


Sven cleared his throat and said, "I am a respectable doctor..."

"Well then, I'll tell Nicole that you dated some beautiful girls behind her back!" Janet tried to intimidate him with empty threats.

Sven's eyes stared at Janet in disbelief. He said, "When did I ever?" After marrying Nicole, he had always been loyal to her. He even deleted all the contact details of his ex-girlfriends.

"I know you didn't. But I will make a story so convincing that Nicole would believe!"

Janet looked at Sven sternly. Daniel grinned at them, enjoying their banter.

"Okay! Be my guest. If Nicole falls into your trap, I will... I... Fine, I give up. I will find something for you." Sven decided to cooperate with Janet. He knew his wife was quite sensitive, therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he'd better do what Janet had asked for!

"Nice!" A big smile spread across Janet's face. She stood on her toes and fondly stroked Sven's head.


Daniel curled his lips, pulled her away from Sven, and said, "Hey, leave this married man alone!"

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