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   Chapter 338 Why Don't You Go and Ask Jane

Trapped with Daniel By Bai Cha Characters: 7147

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Daniel was so happy that he almost had tears in his eyes after seeing the scene in front of him.

It turned out that he had two lovely baby daughters.

Janet had given birth to twin girls.

Lola didn't know that Janet had told Daniel the truth. She was still trying to hide it from her son, "Daniel, why don't you go out first? Knock on the door, and come in again. What you saw just now is not real..."

Hearing his mother's crazy words, Daniel was speechless. He carried one of the twins and walked out.

"Hey, Daniel, what are you doing?" asked Lola anxiously.

She was scared by his action.

Daniel ignored her and took his daughter to his own room, in which there was already a woman lying on the bed.

Lola looked carefully and found that it was Janet.

Lola became instantly happy. She saw her son put his daughter on the bed next to Janet and then walk out to carry the other one.

Harry had already taken Melissa outside of Daniel's door. Daniel then took his daughter from his father's arms and put Melissa on the bed, too.

Harry told Lola, "Let's go back to sleep." Harry realized that Janet must have told everything to Daniel.

That explained why Daniel suddenly wanted to have a video chat with them and then came back home immediately.

Lola was a little worried and said, "Daniel…"

Daniel hushed his mom with a gesture. Harry then led Lola back to their room.

As soon as his parents left, Daniel looked at his daughters and wife who were sleeping on the bed.

He went to the balcony and called Sven, "Sven, are we good friends?"

"What?" answered Sven. Sven was confused with Daniel's question. He wondered what was wrong with him.

"Do you think that my daughter is lovely?" asked Daniel.

"Of course!" said Sven, even more confused.

"How nice it would have been if I had twin daughters!" continued Daniel. He smoked a cigarette and looked up at the sky.

Sven was in silence. Daniel's sarcasm was so obvious.

Daniel was calling to confront him. "How did you know? Were you thrilled?" asked Sven.

"I'm through with you!" said Daniel coldly. Daniel puffed out a cloud of smoke

re we?" asked Janet. Janet had been to the manor many times, but she had never been to Daniel's bedroom.

"Our home, " answered Daniel.

"… Not mine!" With him around, Janet's restless heart calmed down.

Daniel took her by her wrist, pulled her back to the bed, and said, "Jane, how dare you hide the twins from me?"

Janet glared at the man who was holding her and said, "How dare you get the marriage license without my permission?"

He hadn't told her about such an important thing.

"Well, would you never have let me know about the twins if I didn't tell you about the marriage license?" asked Daniel.

"I would have! I just haven't found the right time to tell you, " Janet defended herself.

Daniel held her tightly. His hands started to touch her body.

"Let me go. It's time to get up, " Janet pulled his hands away and whispered.

"No! I'm very angry." She had to suffer the consequences.

Janet was speechless. She wondered when Daniel had become so childish.

"Daniel…" He pressed hard on her and quickly kissed her red lips.

"Call me darling." He corrected her in a hoarse voice.

"I don't want to… Ah! Okay! Okay! Darling…"

"Good girl, " said Daniel with satisfaction.

As lunch time approached, they went downstairs, and Janet found out that they were in Leroy Manor.

"Why didn't you tell me that Father* and Mother* are here?" Janet blushed and pinched Daniel's arm.

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